Mother Game TBS Winter Drama 2015

  • Drama: Mother Game
  • Romaji: Maza Gemu – Kanojo tachi no Kaikyuu –
  • Japanese: マザー・ゲーム~彼女たちの階級~
  • Director: Ayuko Tsukahara, Kentaro Takemura, Ryosuke Fukuda
  • Writer: Shuko Arai, Yuki Takeda
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: April 14 – June 16, 2015
  • Runtime: Tuesdays 22:00-22:54
  • TV Ratings: 8.8% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Kiko Kanbara (Fumino Kimura) is a divorcee and raises her 5-year-old son alone. To open a box lunch food store, she moves to her grandfather’s house. She tries to enroll her son Haruto into nursery school there, but a person in charge of the district office tells her Haruto can’t attend immediately. Kiko, busy to open her box lunch food store by next month, finds herself in a predicament with her son not having supervision by then. At this time, a director of a kindergarten school, Fumi Naraoka, talks to Kiko.

A month later, on the first day of Haruto attending the kindergarten school, Kiko becomes nervous by seeing all of the luxurious high-end cars that are pulled up in front of the school and the other mothers who are all carrying pricy handbags. The school is a prestigious institution for children.

Kiko then sees Yuki Kamiya (Shihori Kanjiya). They attended the same middle school and high school. Kiko strikes up a conversation with Yuki, but Yuki cuts her off and tells her that the school isn’t for common people like her.

Among the other mothers there are Satoko Yano (Kyoko Hasegawa), the wife of a doctor, Midori Goto (Yumi Adachi), former career woman and Marie Odadera (Rei Dan), who wields the most power among the mothers at the school. They all have their own individual problems that they can’t tell anyone.


Mother Game-Fumino Kimura1.jpg Mother Game-Kyoko Hasegawa1.jpg Mother Game-Shihori Kanjiya1.jpg Mother Game-Yumi Adachi1.jpg Mother Game-Rei Dan1.jpg
Fumino Kimura Kyoko Hasegawa Shihori Kanjiya Yumi Adachi Rei Dan
Kiko Kanbara Satoko Yano Yuki Kamiya Midori Goto Marie Odadera
Mother Game-Raita Ryu.jpg Mother Game-Ayumu Yokohama.jpg Mother Game-Hijiri Sakurai.jpg Mother Game-Kiyo Hasegawa.jpg Kanon
Raita Ryu Ayumu Yokoyama Hijiri Sakurai Kiyo Hasegawa Kanon
Tetsuji Kanbara Haruto Kanbara Masaki Yano Shizuko Yano Reina Yano
Mother Game-Reira Watanabe.jpg Mother Game-Yusei Oe.jpg Mother Game-Mitsuyoshi Shinoda.jpg Mother Game-Yuira Goto.jpg Mother Game-Tomomi Maruyama.jpg
Reira Watanabe Yusei Oe Mitsuyoshi Shinoda Yuira Goto Tomomi Maruyama
Erina Yano Yuuki Yano Kyoji Kamiya Sakurako Kamiya Rika Goto
Mother Game-Yusa Yazaki.jpg Mother Game-Hinata Igarashi.jpg Mother Game-Shigeru Muroi.jpg Mother Game-Koji Seto.jpg Mother Game-Kosuke Toyohara.jpg
Yusa Yazaki Hinata Igarashi Shigeru Muroi Koji Seto Kosuke Toyohara
Shuhei Goto Makoto Odadera Fumi Naraoka Nobunosuke Naraoka mysterious man
Mother Game-Yoshinori Okada.jpg Mother Game-Kiyohiko Shibukawa.jpg Mother Game-Naoki Tanaka.jpg Mother Game-Yusuke Kamiji.jpg Mother Game-Yuka Nakayama.jpg
Yoshinori Okada Kiyohiko Shibukawa Naoki Tanaka Yusuke Kamiji Yuka Nakayama
Hidenori Kashiyama Kunpei Kashiwagi public official Takumi Isoyama Juri Sakisaka
Mother Game-Emi Kurara.jpg Mother Game-Saori Tominaga.jpg Mother Game-Shigeru Muroi1.jpg
Emi Kurara Saori Tominaga Shigeru Muroi
Mamiko Yamakawa Kayo Kakuta Fune Naraoka

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/14/2015 9.8%
02 04/21/2015 8.7%
03 04/28/2015 7.3%
04 05/05/2015 8.5%
05 05/12/2015 7.7%
06 05/19/2015 8.3%
07 05/26/2015 9.5%
08 06/02/2015 9.0%
09 06/09/2015 8.6%
10 06/16/2015 10.5%
Average 8.8%