MR.BRAIN TBS Spring Drama 2009


Takuya Kimura plays Ryusuke Tsukumo, a neurological scientist studying human nature at the Metropolitan Police Agency’s National Research Institute of Police Science. He tackles fundamental questions about human nature and overturns a few commonly-held beliefs along the way in a gripping mystery drama packed with plenty of emotional punch.

Ryusuke Tsukumo gets arrested himself for allegedly setting off an explosion. During his interrogation, he answers the questions using his keen sense of intellect and knack for deductive reasoning and turns the questions back on his interrogators, setting up inferences that point to a more likely suspect …


MrBrain-Takuya Kimura.jpgMrBrain-Haruka Ayase.jpgMrBrain-Hiro Mizushima.jpgMrBrain-Sei Hiraizumi.jpgMrBrain-Osamu Shitara.jpg
Takuya KimuraHaruka AyaseHiro MizushimaSei HiraizumiOsamu Shitara
Ryusuke TsukumoKazune YuriToranosuke HayashidaJunpei FunakiJunichi Kanda
MrBrain-Shigenori Yamazaki.jpgMrBrain-Shunya Isaka.jpgMrBrain-Yasufumi Hayashi.jpgMrBrain-Katsuya Kobayashi.jpgMrBrain-Yuji Tanaka.jpg
Shigenori YamazakiShunya IsakaYasufumi HayashiKatsuya KobayashiYuji Tanaka
Koichi OuchiKatsumi NamikoshiKiyoshi IwabuchiIppei SetaMitsuo Natsume
MrBrain-Tortoise Matsumoto.jpgMrBrain-Mao Daichi.jpgMrBrain-Teruyuki Kagawa.jpgMrBrain-Yukina Kinoshita.jpgMrBrain-Shiho.jpg
Tortoise MatsumotoMao DaichiTeruyuki KagawaYukina KinoshitaShiho
Jotaro NanbaMiharu SasaTomomi Tanbaracleaning ladyMariko

Additional Cast Members:


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