Museum BRRIP 720&1080


A series of grotesque murder cases takes place on rainy days. Detective Hisashi Sawamura (Shun Oguri) works to catch the murderer like he has done with past cases, but he soon realizes the murderer’s next target is his wife and son. A man in a frog mask is a suspect.


  1. Based on the manga series “Museum” by Ryosuke Tomoe (published from July, 2013 to January, 2014 in Weekly Young Magazine).
  2. Filming began November 8, 2015.


Museum (Japanese Movie)-Shun Oguri.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Machiko Ono.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Shuhei Nomura.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Tomomi Maruyama.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Tomoko Tabata.jpg
Shun OguriMachiko OnoShuhei NomuraTomomi MaruyamaTomoko Tabata
Hisashi SawamuraHaruka SawamuraJunichi NishinoTsuyoshi SugawaraKayo Akiyama
Museum (Japanese Movie)-Mikako Ichikawa.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Masato Ibu.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Nao Omori.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Yutaka Matsushige.jpgMuseum (Japanese Movie)-Satoshi Tsumabuki.jpg
Mikako IchikawaMasato IbuNao OmoriYutaka MatsushigeSatoshi Tsumabuki
Mikie TachibanaToshio OkabeHisashi’s FatherKozo SekihataThe Frogman



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