Nagi no Oitoma – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETED]

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Nagi Oshima (Haru Kuroki) is a single, 28-year-old woman and she works for an electrical product manufacturer. She has extremely curly hair. She spends about an hour a day to make her straight. Nagi Oshima always tries to smile and considers other people’s feelings.

But, one day, her boyfriend Shinji Gamon says something to her. This makes Nagi Oshima look back at her life. She decides to reset her life. Nagi Oshima quits her job, cuts off everybody she knows (including her boyfriend), quits social media and cancels her cellphone. To restart her life, she moves to an old apartment in the suburbs of Tokyo. She wants to have a pleasant and free life, not caring about other people. She also decides to leave her hair curly. Her new life begins, with her ex-boyfriend Shinji Gamon following her and new people in her life.


  1. “Nagi’s Long Vacation” takes over TBS‘ Friday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “In Hand” and followed by “Marigold in 4 Minutes” on October 11, 2019.
  2. Based on manga series “Nagi no Oitoma” by Misato Konari (first published August, 2016 in manga magazine Elegance Eve).


Nagis Long Vacation-Haru Kuroki1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Issey Takahashi1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Tomoya Nakamura1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Mikako Ichikawa1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Kumi Takiuchi1.jpg
Haru Kuroki Issey Takahashi Tomoya Nakamura Mikako Ichikawa Kumi Takiuchi
Nagi Oshima Shinji Gamon Gon Arashiro Ryoko Sakamoto Kokoro Adachi
Nagis Long Vacation-Chihiro Otsuka.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Izumi Fujimoto.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Kaho Mizutani.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Erika Karata.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Tamaki Shiratori.jpg
Chihiro Otsuka Izumi Fujimoto Kaho Mizutani Erika Karata Tamaki Shiratori
Mao Eguchi Suzu Oribe Eri Madoka Ichikawa Urara Shiraishi
Nagis Long Vacation-Shinji Takeda.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Kurumi Nakada.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Kyosuke Tani1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Soran Tamoto1.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Moctar.jpg
Shinji Takeda Kurumi Nakada Kyosuke Tani Soran Tamoto Moctar
Mama An Yasuaki Ogura Ryo Ihara Taka
Nagis Long Vacation-Takuya Matsunaga.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Nagisa Katahira.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Yo Yoshida.jpg Nagis Long Vacation-Yoshiko Mita.jpg
Takuya Matsunaga Nagisa Katahira Yo Yoshida Yoshiko Mita
Nori Yu Oshima Misuzu Shiraishi Midori Yoshinaga

Additional Cast Members:


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