NGT48 CDTV 2017.12.09 – Sekai wa Dokomade Aozora nano ka

Length: 3 minutes (NGT48 performance)

This is the NGT48 performance cut of their 2nd single ‘Sekai wa Dokomade Aozora nano ka?’ from the regular music show CDTV (COUNTDOWN TV). It also includes a 30-second intro by NGT48 members.

More info:


Encoded from MPEG2 version (see the link below) with the following settings that that are a good balance of quality, size, and compatibility:

* video: h264 (x264 encoder & a high-quality deinterlacing filter), resolution: 1280×720 @ 29.97fps, encoder preset: custom (similar to very slow), constant quality: 23
* audio: AAC 256 kbps copied from the source