Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu TBS Fall Drama EPISODE01-09 Subtitle Indonesia

  • Drama: We Married as Job (English title) / Runaway is Ashamed But Helpful (literal title)
  • Romaji: Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu
  • Japanese: 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ
  • Director: Fuminori Kaneko
  • Writer: Tsunami Umino (manga), Akiko Nogi
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 11, 2016 —
  • Runtime: Tuesdays
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Mikuri Moriyama (Yui Aragaki) is 25 years old. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and doesn’t have a job even though she holds a graduate degree. Everyday, Mikuri Moriyama has a feeling that she is not needed. Her father, unable to see her suffering anymore, arranges for her to work as a housekeeper. Her employer is 36 year old Hiramasa Tsuzaki. He is single and works for a company. A series of events leads them to marry as a working condition.


  1. Based on the manga series “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” by Tsunami Umino (first published November 9, 2012 in Japanese magazine Kiss).


We Married as Job-Yui Aragaki.jpg We Married as Job-Gen Hoshino.jpg We Married as Job-Ryohei Otani.jpg We Married as Job-Takashi Fujii.jpg We Married as Job-Erina Mano.jpg
Yui Aragaki Gen Hoshino Ryohei Otani Takashi Fujii Erina Mano
Mikuri Moriyama Hiramasa Tsuzaki Ryota Kazami Hideshi Hino Yasue Tanaka
We Married as Job-Ryo Narita.jpg We Married as Job-Kotoko Yamaga.jpg We Married as Job-Kanji Furutachi.jpg We Married as Job-Takashi Ukaji.jpg We Married as Job-Yasuko Tomita.jpg
Ryo Narita Kotoko Yamaga Kanji Furutachi Takashi Ukaji Yasuko Tomita
Natsuki Umehara Yusu Horiuchi Master Yama-san Tochio Moriyama Sakura Moriyama
We Married as Job-Arata Furuta.jpg We Married as Job-Yuriko Ishida.jpg
Arata Furuta Yuriko Ishida
Yoritsuna Numata Yuri Tsuchiya

Additional Cast Members:

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