Nisekoi: False Love – BR-RIP

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Raku Ichijo (Kento Nakajima) is an only son and a high school student. His father is the leader of yakuza group Shuei-gumi. Raku Ichijo doesn’t like to fight and he studies hard. His dream is to become a public official. One day, he passes the entrance gate at his high school and is kicked inadvertently by Chitoge Kirisaki (Ayami Nakajo). She is a new transfer student at the school. Chitoge Kirisaki is the only daughter of a rival gang leader. To keep the peace between the rival gangs led by their fathers, Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki decide to act as boyfriend and girlfriend.


  1. Based on manga series “Nisekoi” by Naoshi Komi (published from 2011 to 2016 in manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump).
  2. Supporting cast announced for live-action film “Nisekoi.”
  3. Movie’s theme song is “KawaE” by rock band “Yabai T-Shirts Yasan.”


Nise-Koi-Kento Nakajima.jpg Nise-Koi-Ayami Nakajo.jpg Nise-Koi-Natsumi Ikema.jpg Nise-Koi-Haruka Shimazaki.jpg
Kento Nakajima Ayami Nakajo Natsumi Ikema Haruka Shimazaki
Raku Ichijo Chitoge Kirisaki Kosaki Onodera Marika Tachibana
Nise-Koi-Yuta Kishi.jpg Nise-Koi-Hana Kawamura.jpg Nise-Koi-Kaede Aono.jpg Nise-Koi-Daigo.jpg
Yuta Kishi Hana Kawamura Kaede Aono Daigo
Shu Maiko Ruri Miyamoto Seishiro Tsugumi Chitoge’s bodyguard

Additional Cast Members:


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