Nobody Knows [BR-RIP]


Single mother Keiko Fukushima (You) moves into a new apartment with her 12-year-old son Akira (Yuya Yagira). They also greet their landlord and Keiko introduces Akira to the landlord as her only son. She also explains that his father is overseas on business. After they get settled into their new apartment, out of their suitcase pops out two more of Keiko’s children. Akira then goes by himself to the train station to pick up his other sister Kyoko (Ayu Kitaura).

Once everyone is together, they have their first dinner at their new apartment. Keiko explains the rules: no loud voices and nobody goes outside except for Akira. Otherwise, they will get evicted like they did at their last apartment. Keiko then leaves for work at a department store and leaves Akira to take care of the children.

The mother soon meets a new boyfriend and her absence at the apartment grows longer and longer, until one day, it seems the mother has abandoned the children for good. Akira with little money left, must take of care of his siblings, knowing that if he does not they will be separated into foster homes.


  1. Based on the true event know as the “Affair of the four abandoned children of Sugamo” – which occurred over a 9 month period in 1988 in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward.
  2. Singer-songwriter Takako Tate, who appears in the movie as a convenience store clerk, sings the movie’s theme song “Hoseki” (“Jewels”).


Nobody Knows-Yuya Yagira.jpgNobody Knows-Ayu Kitaura.jpgNobody Knows-Hiei Kimura.jpg
Yuya YagiraAyu KitauraHihei Kimura
Akira FukushimaKyoko FukushimaShigeru Fukushima
Nobody Knows-Momoko Shimizu.jpgNobody Knows-Hanae Kan.jpgNobody Knows-You.jpg
Momoko ShimizuHanae KanYou
Yuki FukushimaSakiKeiko Fukushima

Additional Cast Members: