Nogizaka46 ~24th Single – Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii [M4A/FLAC/ALL TYPE/SPECIAL EDITION]

Artist name: Nogizaka46
Original artist name: 乃木坂46
Title: Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii (stage48 has transcription ‘Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii’ with words mushed together, this one is consistent for example with HMV and Billboard)
Original title: 夜明けまで強がらなくてもいい
Release date: 2019-09-04 (2019-08-28 for web versions)

‘Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii’ is the 24th single of Nogizaka46 released on 2019-09-04 in five different versions; Type A-D (with Blu-Rays) and Regular (CD only). This is the web version (sourced from iTunes) with all songs from all physical versions, but without off-vocals. As usual, web versions were made available one week before the physical release.

01. 夜明けまで強がらなくてもいい / Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii
02. 僕のこと、知ってる? / Boku no Koto, Shitteru?
03. 路面電車の街 / Romendensha no Machi (Saito Asuka, Hori Miona, Yamashita Mizuki)
04. 図書室の君へ / Toshoshitsu no Kimi e (4th Generation)
05. 時々 思い出してください / Tokidoki Omoidashite Kudasai (Sakurai Reika)
06. ~Do my best~じゃ意味はない / ~Do my best~ Ja Imi wa Nai (Under Members)
07. 僕の思い込み / Boku no Omoikomi

More info:夜明けまで強がらなくてもいい


Thanks to boredpikachu @ jpopsuki for the original upload, I made the filenames consistent with the previous single, renamed the folder, and removed some metadata that could possibly identify the buyer.

Technical note: The baseline bitrate used by iTunes is 256kbps, but it goes up and down as needed depending on the complexity of each particular part (it is sometimes more than 320kbps), so the quality is as good as it gets for a lossy version.


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