Nogizaka46 – Ima ga Omoide ni Naru Made [2019.04.17] [Complete Edition] [AAC 256kbps WEB]

Artist name: Nogizaka46
Original artist name: 乃木坂46
Title: Ima ga Omoide ni Naru Made
Original title: 今が思い出になるまで
Release date: 2019-04-17

‘Ima ga Omoide ni Naru Made’ is the 4th studio album of Nogizaka46 with 8 new songs. It was released on Apr 17th, 2019, in 4 physical versions – Regular, Limited, Type A, and Type B (the latter three also have extra Blu-Rays). This is the ‘Complete Edition’ web version (sourced from iTunes) that contains all 27 tracks from all physical versions (but obviously no Blu-Ray bonuses).

01 ありがちな恋愛 (NEW)
02 逃げ水
03 いつかできるから今日できる
04 シンクロニシティ
05 ジコチューで行こう!
06 帰り道は遠回りしたくなる
07 アンダー
08 My rule
09 新しい世界
10 三角の空き地
11 日常
12 もし君がいなければ (NEW)
13 キスの手裏剣 (NEW)
14 Against
15 つづく
16 頬杖をついては眠れない (NEW)
17 ぼっち党 (NEW)
18 僕の衝動
19 スカウトマン
20 さゆりんご募集中 (NEW)
21 ゴルゴンゾーラ (NEW)
22 トキトキメキメキ
23 未来の答え
24 もうすぐ~ザンビ伝説~ (NEW)
25 キャラバンは眠らない
26 ライブ神
27 自分じゃない感じ

More info:今が思い出になるまで


Thanks to boredpikachu @ jpopsuki, all files are identical to his upload, so you can easily cross-seed (I changed only the folder name)

Technical note: The baseline bitrate used by iTunes is 256kbps, but it goes up and down as needed depending on the complexity of each particular part (it is sometimes more than 320kbps), so the quality is as good as it gets for a lossy version.



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