Ns’ Aoi – Episode01-11


Based on the same-titled manga on a newbie nurse, Misora Aoi and the problems she encounters in medical work.

Aoi Misora is a third-year nurse at a prestigious hospital. After she is involved in trouble at the Emergency Center, she is transferred to a medical ward of an affiliated hospital. Unlike her previous workplace, the medical ward is a crucial place where patients who survived the emergency room must be looked after with extreme care. But it’s also a place for dishonest and unskilled doctors. Moreover, it is also a place for cozy ties between politicians and doctors, where the priority is not patient care but profit.

Still, Aoi puts every effort forward to take care of patients with her heart and soul. The harder she tries, the more she is alienated from the proud doctors. But with the support of another nurse, Kyoko Komine, and also Dr. Takagi, Aoi succeeds in changing the minds of those around her. — Fuji TV


NsAoi-Satomi Ishihara.jpg NsAoi-Toshiro Yanagiba.jpg NsAoi-Kaoru Sugita.jpg NsAoi-Norito Yashima.jpg NsAoi-Hitomi Takahashi.jpg
Satomi Ishihara Toshiro Yanagiba Kaoru Sugita Norito Yashima Hitomi Takahashi
Aoi Misora Genta Takagi Kyoko Komine Makoto Eto Masako Midorikawa
NsAoi-Takehiko Ono.jpg NsAoi-Kenta Satoi.jpg NsAoi-Masahiko Nishimura.jpg NsAoi-Nagisa Katahira.jpg Kosuke Suzuki
Takehiko Ono Kenta Satoi Masahiko Nishimura Nagisa Katahira Kosuke Suzuki
Hyosuke Hamamatsu Kiichi Ogura Yoshio Tadokoro Teru Izumida Isamu Katagiri
NsAoi-Takako Kato.jpg NsAoi-Miki Omura.jpg NsAoi-Maria Takagi.jpg NsAoi-Seiji Rokkaku.jpg
Takako Kato Miki Omura Maria Takagi Seiji Rokkaku
Kiriko Kana Kumi Ono Tomoko Nishi Fukutaro Kamei

Additional Cast Members:


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