Oh My Jump: Shonen Jump Saves Earth TV Tokyo Winter Drama 2018 EPISODE01-11 COMPLETED + Batch


Hiroshi Tsukiyama (Atsushi Ito) works as a salesman for a company. One day, a female colleague is sexually harassed by her boss and Hiroshi Tsukiyama sees the harassment but he ignores it. A mysterious man Choyaku Tsuchida (Shigeru Saiki) appears in front of Hiroshi Tsukiyama. He takes Hiroshi Tsukiyama to a secret club “Oh My Jump.” The club is for adults who are fans of manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” and they gather there to talk about their favorite titles and characters.


Oh My Jump-Atsushi Ito.jpg Oh My Jump-Rina Ikoma.jpg Oh My Jump-Toru Baba.jpg Oh My Jump-Shuntaro Yanagi.jpg
Atsushi Ito Rina Ikoma Toru Baba Shuntaro Yanagi
Hiroshi Tsukiyama Asahi Kurozuka Shinj Kaneshiro
Oh My Jump-Shigeru Saiki.jpg Oh My Jump-Kendo Kobayashi.jpg Oh My Jump-Hitomi Sato.jpg Oh My Jump-Yasufumi Terawaki.jpg
Shigeru Saiki Kendo Kobayashi Hitomi Sato Yasufumi Terawaki
Choyaku Tsuchida Jusaburo Oara Miki Kogure Kosuke Mizukawa

Additional Cast Members:


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