Ohitorisama 2009

  • Drama: Party of One
  • Romaji: Ohitorisama
  • Japanese: おひとりさま
  • Director: Hisashi UedaSatoshi KanToru Otsuka
  • Writer: Masaya Ozaki
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: October 16 – December 18, 2009
  • Runtime: Friday 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Satomi Akiyama (Arisa Mizuki) is a 33 year old Japanese history teacher at the prestigious Seika female high school. Any of her peers would agree that she is a talented teacher and able to handle any task. Her personal life isn’t nearly as perfect, as she is still single and fails miserably with household chores. That being said, Satomi is fairly comfortable with her life until a new teacher shows up at Seika High School.

That teacher’s name is Shinichi Kanzaka (Teppei Koike) and he is actually a temporary teacher. Shinichi is also 23 years old, 10 years younger than Satomi. Besides their age difference, their rank, income, and personalities could not be more different. Even with all these differences, Satomi is responsible for his training at Seika High School and romance soon blossoms out of this unusual pairing.


Ohitorisama-Arisa Mizuki.jpgOhitorisama-Teppei Koike.jpgOhitorisama-Nao Matsushita.jpgOhitorisama-Keita Tachibana.jpg
Arisa MizukiTeppei KoikeNao MatsushitaKeita Tachibana
Satomi AkiyamaShinichi KanzakaKimika SawaiHiroyuki Harada
Ohitorisama-Ami Suzuki.jpgOhitorisama-Wakana Sakai.jpgOhitorisama-Hiromi Kitagawa.jpgOhitorisama-Erika Mahiro.jpgOhitorisama-Miki Maya.jpg
Ami SuzukiWakana SakaiHiromi KitagawaErika MahiroMiki Maya
Chihiro AokiSaeko YanoMai SasakiYuki MatsumuraYoshie Tajima
Ohitorisama-Mio Otani.jpgOhitorisama-David Ito.jpgOhitorisama-Kenta Satoi.jpgOhitorisama-Mieko Ishii.jpgOhitorisama-Sari Kobayashi.jpg
Mio OtaniDavid ItoKenta SatoiMikako IshiiSari Kobayashi
Minami KatsuraShinsuke NonomuraHirofumi InoueRika KikuchiEri Miyamoto

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