Okusama wa, Tori Atsukai Chui NTV Fall Drama 2017 EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: Caution, Hazardous Wife (English title) / Wife, Handle with Care (literal title)
  • Romaji: Okusama wa, Tori Atsukai Chui
  • Japanese: 奥様は、取り扱い注意
  • Director: Ryuichi Inomata
  • Writer: Kazuki Kaneshiro
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 4, 2017 —
  • Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00-23:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Nami Isayama (Haruka Ayase) met a man through a blind date and married him. She and her husband moved to a quiet, exclusive residential area. Nami is now a housewife and she decides to take cooking classes. She meets other housewives at the cooking class and receives tips from them, while becoming friends. Nami surmises that one of the housewives in her cooking class is the victim of domestic violence. Nami decides to save the victim by herself.


Caution, Hazardous Wife-Haruka Ayase.jpg Caution, Hazardous Wife-Ryoko Hirosue.jpg Caution, Hazardous Wife-Tsubasa Honda.jpg Caution, Hazardous Wife-Hidetoshi Nishijima.jpg
Haruka Ayase Ryoko Hirosue Tsubasa Honda Hidetoshi Nishijima
Nami Isayama Yuri Ohara Kyoko Sato Yuki Isayama
Caution, Hazardous Wife-Ken Ishiguro.jpg Caution, Hazardous Wife-Akiyoshi Nakao.JPG Caution, Hazardous Wife-Gin Pun Chou.jpg Caution, Hazardous Wife-Waku Kawaguchi.JPG
Ken Ishiguro Akiyoshi Nakao Gin Pun Chou Waku Kawaguchi
Keisuke Ohara Wataru Sato Yoshie Sato Keigo Ohara

Additional Cast Members:


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