Orthros no Inu TBS Summer Drama 2009

  • Drama: The Dog of Orthros
  • Romaji: Orthros no Inu
  • Japanese: オルトロスの犬
  • Director: Arata Kato
  • Writer: Mao Aoki, Kei Kunii, Kohei Kato
  • Producer: Hiroshi Matsubara
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 9
  • Release Date: July 24 – September 25, 2009
  • Runtime: Fri. 22:00
  • TV Ratings: 8.34% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Shinji Ryuzaki (Hideaki Takizawa), who has the “Hand of God,” can cure any disease, but is a mysterous figure who never reveals his true feelings. Ryosuke Aoi (Ryo Nishikido), who has the “Hand of the Devil,” can kill with the slightest of touch, but has the temperament of an angel. These two diametrically opposed beings will face off in a epic battle.

Detective Nagisa Hasebe (Asami Mizukawa) works at the Minami Nagawa police station in Tokyo, Japan. She investigates a murder case involving a female university student. After pin-pointing a teen named Masaru Kumakiri (Hikaru Yaotome) as the likely culprit, she sneaks into a place to investigate further, but is caught by Masaru and his friends. At the moment she is about to be shot by the gang, she is saved by a stranger who merely touches one of the young men and that young man collapses to his death.

A few days later, a man named Ryosuke Aoi, who works as a high school teacher, comes into the Minami Nagawa police station and confesses to killing a young man. He states to the police that he killed the man by merely using his hand, which is the hand of the devil. The police unable to gather enough evidence lets Ryosuke Aoi walk.

Detective Hasebe starts an investigation into Ryosuke Aoi’s background. She comes across another figure named Shinji Ryuzaki, who has been serving time in prison for a murder committed 10 years ago. Detective Hasebe visits Shinji Ryuzaki in prison and asks about Ryosuke Aoi. When Shinji hears of Ryosuke Aoi he asks Detective Hasebe to bring Ryosuke to him. Detective Hasebe, unaware of the circumstances, then opens a pandora box that will lead to a battle for the ages …


Orthros-Hideaki Takizawa.jpg Orthros-Ryo Nishikido.jpg Orthros-Asami Mizukawa.jpg Orthros-Hikaru Yaotome.jpg Orthros-Ryuji Yamamoto.jpg Orthros-Natsuki Harada.jpg
Hideaki Takizawa Ryo Nishikido Asami Mizukawa Hikaru Yaotome Ryuji Yamamoto Natsuki Harada
Shinji Ryuzaki Ryosuke Aoi Nagisa Hasebe Masaru Kumakiri Sosuke Shibata Shiharu Maejono
Orthros-Shugo Oshinari.jpg Orthros-Haru.jpg Orthros-Toshio Shiba.jpg Orthros-Seiji Rokkaku.jpg Orthros-Kuranosuke Sasaki.jpg Orthros-Atsuko Takahata .jpg
Shugo Oshinari Haru Toshio Shiba Seiji Rokkaku Kuranosuke Sasaki Atsuko Takahata
Masato Yoshizumi Kana Shirakawa Zenjo Kumakiri Ken Ninomiya Takayuki Sawamura Yoko Sakaki

Additional Cast Members:


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