Ouran High School Host Club TBS Summer Drama 2011


Haruhi Fujioka (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a female high school student the prestigious Ouran Academy. Unlike most of the students who come from wealthy families, Haruhi Fujioka comes from a modest family background and entered the school with an academic scholarship. One day, she wanders around the campus and stumbles by accident into the school’s “host club”. The host club consists of six handsome male students who entertain female students.

In the room, Haruhi unintentionally breaks an antique vase worth 8 million YEN. To repay for the broken vase, the six male members of the host club makes Haruhi join them – not realizing that Haruhi is actually a girl!


  1. Based on the manga series “Ouran High School Host Club” by Bisco Hatori (published September, 2002 – November 2010).
  2. Related titles:
    1. Ouran High School Host Club | Gekijoban Oran Koko Hosutobu (2012)


Ouran High School Host Club-Haruna Kawaguchio.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Yusuke Yamamoto.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Shunsuke Daito.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Yudai Chiba.jpg
Haruna KawaguchiYusuke YamamotoShunsuke DaitoYudai Chiba
Haruhi FujiokaTamaki SuouKyoya OotoriMitsukuni Haninozuka
Ouran High School Host Club-Shinpei Takagi.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Manpei Takagi.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Masaya Nakamura.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Ryo Ryusei.jpg
Shinpei TakagiManpei TakagiMasaya NakamuraRyo Ryusei
Hikaru HitachiinKaoru HitachiinTakashi MorinozukaUmehito Nekozawa
Ouran High School Host Club-Momoe Ogawa.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Mitsumi Hiromura.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Ayu Higashi.jpgOuran High School Host Club-Nana Seino.jpgOuran High School Host Club-nicola.jpg
Momoe OgawaMitsumi HiromuraAyu HigashiNana Seinonicola
Chiharu TojoNatsuki SaijoAkina NanjoMomoka KurakanoKimiko Sakurazuka

Additional Cast Members: