Perfect Blue 2012

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Drama series “Perfect Blue” follows Kayoko (Miori Takimoto), who works at her mother’s private detective agency, and an ex-police dog named Masa as they work together and solve mysterious cases.

Sakiko Fujimi visits the private detective agency office to request an investigation of a stalker and guard. Kayoko and Masa accompanies Sakiko when she jogs in the morning. One morning, while they are following Sakiko on her job, they discover a body covered with blood. Kayoko checks whether the person is dead or alive. The man is dead. Kayoko takes out her phone to call the police, but their isn’t service in the area. Kayoko leaves Masa next to the dead man and she takes scared Sakiko to find a public phone booth. When Kayoko and Sakiko come back they find that the dead body is gone and Masa has collapsed.


Perfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Miori Takimoto.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Aya Hirayama.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Kensei Mikami.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Kumiko Shiratori.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Taishi Nakagawa.jpg
Miori TakimotoAya HirayamaKensei MikamiKumiko ShiratoriTaishi Nakagawa
Kayoko HasumiNana KimizukaShunichi MiyamotoMomoko NagashimaShinya Morooka
Perfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Haori Takahashi.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Kaori Asoh.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Toshie Negishi.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Tetsu Watanabe.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Yasufumi Terawaki.jpg
Haori TakahashiKahori AsoToshie NegishiTetsu WatanabeYasufumi Terawaki
Itoko HasumiRuriko EjimaMichiko MiuraTamaki FujinagaYusuke Shiina
Perfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Naomi Zaizen.jpgPerfect Blue - Japanese Drama-Sun.jpg
Naomi ZaizenSun
Kyoko HasumiMasa (Eiichiro Funakoshi)

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