Perfect World (Japanese Drama) Batch [English and Indonesia Subtitle]


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Dreaming of becoming an architect, Itsuki Ayukawa (Tori Matsuzaka) played basketball in high school. In his 3rd year at a university, Itsuki Ayukawa had an accident. He injured his spinal cord in the accident and became paralyzed from the waist down. Itsuki Ayukawa went through many hardships. He is now in a wheelchair and works as an architect. Itsuki Ayukawa has decided he won’t love ever fall in love, because of his physical limitations.

Itsuki Ayukawa then meets Tsugumi Kawana (Mizuki Yamamoto). She graduated from the same high school as Itsuki Ayukawa and liked him in their high school days. Back then, Tsugumi Kawana wanted to attend an art college, but she was not confident in herself and gave up on that dream. She now works an office job for an interior design company. Her life changes after meeting Itsuki Ayukawa again. They develop feelings for each other, but they also face many difficulties.


  1. “Perfect World” takes over Fuji TV‘s Tuesday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “Black Widow Business” and followed by “Two Weeks” July, 2019.
  2. Based on manga series “Perfect World” by Rie Aruga (first published April, 2014 in Japanese josei manga magazine Kiss).
  3. Related titles:
    1. Perfect World | Pafekuto Warudo: Kimi to Iru Kiseki (2018)
    2. Perfect World (Fuji TV / 2019)


Perfect World-Tori Matsuzaka.jpgPerfect World-Mizuki Yamamoto.jpgPerfect World-Koji Seto.jpgPerfect World-Yumi Asou.jpgPerfect World-Yuri Nakamura.jpg
Tori MatsuzakaMizuki YamamotoKoji SetoYumi AsouYuri Nakamura
Itsuki AyukawaTsugumi KawanaHirotaka KoreedaFumino AyukawaAoi Nagasawa
Perfect World-Erena Mizusawa.jpgPerfect World-Maho Toyota.jpgPerfect World-Yuichi Kimura.jpgPerfect World-Hokuto Matsumura.jpgPerfect World-Keiko Horiuchi.jpg
Erena MizusawaMaho ToyotaYuichi KimuraHokuto MatsumuraKeiko Horiuchi
Miki YukimuraMichiyo HigashiTsuyoshi WatanabeHaruto WatanabeSakiko Kawana
Perfect World-Yutaka Matsushige.jpg
Yutaka Matsushige
Motohisa Kawana
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