Pin to Kona TBS Summer Drama 2013


Kyonosuke Kawamura (Yuta Tamamori) is the successor to the prestigious Kishima family. He performs as a kabuki stage actor. One day, as he is leaving the theater, Kyonosuke Kawamura hears cheers from girls who are waiting for him. There, Ayame Chiba (Umika Kawashima), who also attends the same high school, approaches him and shouts out “that is not Kagamijishi and I want my money back!”

Due to excessive expectation as the successor of the Kishima family, Kyonosuke becomes sick and tired of kabuki. He plays with best friend Haruhiko Sakamoto (Jesse Lewis) and female fans until late into the night. When he arrives back home, his father Yozaemon (Goro Kishitani), who is a master in kabuki, scolds him. An argument ensues. Yozaemon has never acknowledged Kyonosuke’s efforts. That is a big reason why Kyonosuke has become estranged from kabuki. He also can’t forgive his father for always placing kabuki as his first priority. His father did not show up when his mother became gravely ill and died.

Kyonosuke then meets Ayame at school. She again complains about his performance. Kyonosuke also learns that Ayame has a favorite actor. He’s embarrassed by her complaints. For his next performance, Kyonosuke shows up practice, but he is chewed out by his instructor Matsukichi (Masahiro Takashima). Others, including Shohei Sawayama (Hokuto Matsumura), watch this and make fun of Kyonosuke behind his back. Kyonosuke also hears from his rival Ichiya Sawayama (Yuma Nakayama) that he was shocked at his performance. Kyonosuke feels numb.


  1. Based on the manga series “Pin to Kona” by Ako Shimaki (first published November 2009 by Monthly Cheese!).


Pin to Kona-Yuta Tamamori.jpgPin to Kona-Yuma Nakayama.jpgPin to Kona-Umika Kawashima.jpgPin to Kona-Hokuto Matsumura.jpgPin to Kona-Jesse Lewis.jpg
Yuta TamamoriYuma NakayamaUmika KawashimaHokuto MatsumuraJesse Lewis
Kyonosuke KawamuraIchiya SawayamaAyame ChibaShohei SawayamaHaruhiko Sakamoto
Pin to Kona-Aoi Yoshikura.jpgPin to Kona-Mayuu Kusakari.jpgPin to Kona-Yutaka Shimizu.jpgPin to Kona-Koji Yamamoto.jpgPin to Kona-Masahiro Takashima.jpg
Aoi YoshikuraMayuu KusakariYutaka ShimizuKoji YamamotoMasahiro Takashima
Yuna SawayamaChiaki MishimaYasuKanjiro SagataMatsukichi Oiwa
Pin to Kona-Noriko Maeda.jpgPin to Kona-Takaaki Enoki.jpgPin to Kona-Kyoko Enami.jpgPin to Kona-Goro Kishitani.jpg
Noriko MaedaTakaaki EnokiKyoko EnamiGoro Kishitani
Takako SawayamaSakugoro SawayamaShizu SantaSezaemon Kawamura

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