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Popular actor Rengo Shiraki (Yuto Nakajima) dies suddenly. Due to his sudden death, unpopular actor Daiki Kawata (Masaki Suda) attracts the spotlight due to his close friendship with Rengo. Did Rengo Shiraki commit suicide or was he murdered?


  1. Based on the novel “Pinku to Gure” by Shigeaki Kato (published January 28, 2012 by Kadokawa Shoten). “Pinku to Gure” is the first novel published by Shigeaki Katowho is a member of boy band “NEWS” .
  2. Filming begins mid-January, 2015.


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Yuto NakajimaMasaki SudaKahoYuya YagiraYukino Kishii
Rengo ShirakiDaiki KawataSari

Additional Cast Members:



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