Policeman and Me


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Kako Motoya (Tao Tsuchiya) is in the first year of high school. She has yet to have a boyfriend yet. One day, she pretends she’s a university student and takes part in a group blind date. There, she meets 23-years-old Kota Sagano (Kazuya Kamenashi). Kako and Kota get along well and become attracted to each other. Later, Kota learns that Kako is a high school student and his attitude towards Kako changes. In fact, Kota is police officer. Even though he likes her, he knows he can’t date her. Then, Kako is injured while protecting Kota. Kota decides to accept Kako for who she is. He asks Kako to marry him, because that’s the only way he can be with her as a police officer.


  1. Based on manga series “P to JK” by Maki Miyoshi (first published December 13, 2012 in Japanese shojo manga magazine Bessatsu Friend).
  2. Filming begins June, 2016 and finishes July, 2016.


P and JK-Kazuya Kamenashi.jpgP and JK-Tao Tsuchiya.jpgP to JK-Mahiro Takasugi.jpgP to JK-Tina Tamashi.jpgP to JK-Daigo Nishihata.jpg
Kazuya KamenashiTao TsuchiyaMahiro TakasugiTina TamashiroDaigo Nishihata
Kota SaganoKako MotoyaHeisuke OkamiMikado YaguchiJiro Nagakura
P to JK-Rie Tomosaka.jpgP to JK-Jun Murakami.jpgP to JK-Aya Omasa.jpgP to JK-Tomorowo Taguchi.jpg
Rie TomosakaJun MurakamiAya OmasaTomorowo Taguchi
Yoko MoyoyaSeiichi MotoyaFumi KomoriShuichi Yamamoto

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