Proposal Daisakusen 2007


Everyone is holding a key to open the door to a world of miracles. However, only a handful of us can get to see it. Miracles which are great enough to change our destiny do not happen so often. Even if each step is small, if we keep stepping forward wishing to change our destiny, someday the door will open. This is a romantic comedy in which a young man who missed a chance to confess his love and ended up attending a wedding of the woman he really loved, is given a second chance and struggles to undo the past and win the heart of the woman on the day she is getting married to someone else.


  1. Related titles:
    1. Operation Love | Puropozu dai sakusen (Fuji TV / 2007)
    2. Operation Love Special | Proposal Daisakusen SP (Fuji TV / 2008)
    3. Operation Proposal | Pereopyojeu Daejakjeon (CSTV / 2012) *Korean remake


Operation Love-Tomohisa Yamashita.jpgOperation Love-Masami Nagasawa.jpgOperation Love-Nana Eikura.jpgOperation Love-Yuta Hiraoka.jpgOperation Love-Gaku Hamada.jpg
Tomohisa YamashitaMasami NagasawaNana EikuraYuta HiraokaGaku Hamada
Ken IwaseRei YoshidaEri OkuMiko EnokidoTsurumi Hisashi
Operation Love-Naohito Fujiki.jpgOperation Love-Hiroshi Mikami.jpgOperation Love-Yutaka Matsushige.jpgOperation Love-Gota Watabe.jpgOperation Love-Kenichiro Kikuchi.jpg
Naohito FujikiHiroshi MikamiYutaka MatsushigeGota WatabeKenichiro Kikuchi
Tetsuya TadaYouseiMatsunori ItoShigeto NezuNishio Tamotsu
Operation Love-Leo Morimoto.jpgOperation Love-Yoshiko Miyazaki.jpgOperation Love-Shigenori Yamazaki.jpg
Leo MorimotoYoshiko MiyazakiShigenori Yamazaki
Takanori YoshidaRena YoshidaJunzo Minorikawa

Additional Cast Members:



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