Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san Nidaime SP

Mysterious beautiful high school girl who loves ramen “Koizumi-san” eats, eats, and eats ramen! An unprecedented ramen drama, “I love ramen Koizumi-san,” based on a popular manga that boasts a total of 2 million copies (8 volumes already published). In the serial drama of 2015 (all four episodes), it received a high audience rating of 8.2% while broadcasting at 23:00. (* Video research: Episode 2 Kanto area household average) After that, after three special broadcasts, twice in 2016 and once in 2019, the latest work for the first time in one year is March 27 (Fri) ) It was decided to be broadcast on Fuji TV from 23:00.

This time, a new work that renews the cast has started! All casts, including Akari Hayami, who has starred so far, graduated with the previous work. The title of the program was changed to “I love ramen, Koizumi-san’s second generation”, and a new story about ramen is being spun.

For the second generation “Koizumi-san”, Hiyori Sakurada, who will be the first starring Fuji TV drama in this work, is decided! Speaking of Sakurada, he began his activities as a child, developed his career in various works, and appeared in the drama “Tomorrow, No Mom” ​​in 2014. Playing one of the children living in an orphanage, this work is a success. In 2017, she performed her first lead in the drama “Saki-Saki-Aichiga Hen episode of side-A”, and later starred in the movie version of the same work. Recently, she appeared in the drama “The People of the Isono Family-Sazae-san 20 years later” as a starfish Fuguda in 2019, and in the January 2020 drama “Top Knife-Conditions of a Genius Brain Surgeon”. New to memory.

How is Sakurada, a young acting group who is steadily growing, playing “Koizumi-san”, which is all enigmatic except for his name and “I like ramen”? And what kind of ramen soup do you show in the ramen nectar scene, the biggest showcase? Expectations increase!

Akari Hayami, who played “Koizumi-san” until the previous work, will also appear in “Ramen I Love Koizumi-san 2nd Generation” in a different form. What kind of baton touch does the old and new “Koizumi-san” really do? Keep an eye on!

Of course, even with the latest work, popular ramen shops have appeared one after another as before! A specialty store that does not usually receive TV coverage will also appear specially. “I love ramen Koizumi-san 2nd generation” to be sent in a new cast! We want you to enjoy the whole family!