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“Rookies” is the story of a fervent teacher who is trying to straighten his troubled students through high school baseball, and of the students who, although dropouts, are aiming to take part in the “Koshien” championships.

Just like a lot of the young people these days, these students do not have much hope for the future and many do not even know what they want to do. However, Koichi Kawato (Ryuta Sato) is a teacher who is willing to prove that the world is full of hope and that they shouldn’t mock those who do have a dream.

The story takes place at a high school where the baseball team has just been told to suspend their activities because of an incident that occurred during a game. The students are betrayed by their teacher and are forced to take responsibility for the incident. This is when they meet Koichi Kawato, a teacher who believes in having dreams and who would do anything for his students, even if it means risking his job. Through their emotional and heart-to-heart confrontations with this teacher, the students realize that they haven’t and that they do not want to give up their dream.


  1. Based on Masanori Morita’s manga “Rookies,” which ran in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1998 to 2003 (24 Volumes).
  2. Related titles:
    1. Rookies (TBS / 2008)
    2. Rookies SP (TBS / 2008)
    3. Rookies (2009)


Rookies-2008-Ryuta Sato.jpg Rookies-2008-Hayato Ichihara.jpg Rookies-2008-Keisuke Koide.jpg Rookies-2008-Yuu Shirota.jpg Rookies-2008-Akiyoshi Nakao.jpg
Ryuta Sato Hayato Ichihara Keisuke Koide Yuu Shirota Akiyoshi Nakao
Koichi Kawato Keiichi Aniya Toru Mikoshiba Kei Shinjo Shuta Sekikawa
Rookies-2008-Sousuke Takaoka.jpg Rookies-2008-Kenta Kiritani.jpg Rookies-2008-Takeru Satoh.jpg Rookies-2008-Shunji Igarashi.jpg Rookies-2008-Yosuke Kawamura.jpg
Sousuke Takaoka Kenta Kiritani Takeru Satoh Shunji Igarashi Yosuke Kawamura
Tomochika Wakana Taira Hiratsuka Yuya Okada Tetsura Yufune Kiyooki Hiyama
Rookies-2008-Hiroyuki Onoue.jpg Rookies-2008-Eri Murakawa.jpg Rookies-2008-Hiroyuki Amano.jpg Rookies-2008-Kazuyuki Asano.jpg Rookies-2008-Kazue Fukiishi.jpg
Hiroyuki Onoue Eri Murakawa Hiroyuki Amano Kazuyuki Asano Kazue Fukiishi
Shinobu Imaoka Toko Yagi Mitsuhide Kakefu Shunsaku Ikebe Rie Mayumi
Rookies-2008-Masato Ibu.jpg
Masato Ibu
Yoshio Murayama

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/19/2008 12.2%
02 04/26/2008 14.8%
03 05/03/2008 15.4%
04 05/10/2008 13.1%
05 05/17/2008 16.4%
06 06/07/2008 15.4%
07 06/14/2008 14.2%
08 06/28/2008 14.7%
09 07/05/2008 14.6%
10 07/19/2008 12.5%
11 07/26/2008 19.5%
Average 14.96%