Ryoki teki na kanojo TBS Spring Drama 2008


Saburo Masaki (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi), a teacher of marine biology, is an ordinary guy. Riko Takami (Reina Tanaka) has just been dumped by her boyfriend and is tottering on the train platform and is about to fall off, when Saburo pulls her back and saves her. However, Riko is not at all the kind of “cute” girl she seems to be. Even when she gets on the train, she is out of control. Unable to walk away, Saburo ends up taking care of her. He decides to take her to a hotel where she could rest, but the hotel staff, who got the wrong idea, calls the police and Saburo is held in custody. He is released the next day and returns to teach his class. He notices Riko amongst his students. Riko comes up to him and instead of thanking him, she blurts out “I’ll kill you”. From this day on, Saburo’s life will never be the same again…


  1. Remake of the 2001 South Korean film “My Sassy Girl”. Character backgrounds, names, and plot details have been changed.
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    2. Windstruck (2004)
    3. Cyborg She (2008)
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    5. My New Sassy Girl | Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo 2 (2016)
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Supporting Cast

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/20/2008 13.5%
02 04/27/2008 11.5%
03 05/04/2008 8.7%
04 05/11/2008 7.0%
05 05/18/2008 8.0%
06 05/25/2008 7.6%
07 06/01/2008 6.9%
08 06/08/2008 6.3%
09 06/15/2008 5.9%
10 06/22/2008 7.4%
11 06/29/2008 7.2%
Average 8.3%


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