Saikou no Rikon + SP

  • Drama: Matrimonial Chaos (English title) / Best Divorce (literal title)
  • Romaji: Saikou no Rikon
  • Japanese: 最高の離婚
  • Director: Rieko Miyamoto, Michiko Namiki, Ryo Miyawaki
  • Writer: Yuji Sakamoto
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: January 10 – March 21, 2013
  • Runtime: Thursday 22:00-22:54
  • TV Ratings: 11.8% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Drama series depicts the love and marriage of two 30 something couples.

Ordinary salaryman Kousei (Eita]) works for a company which installs vending machines. He complains about his marriage life while at the dentist office. Kousei doesn’t do his job well and he is also sick. He isn’t happy at all. His biggest problem is his wife Yuna (Machiko Ono), who has the complete opposite personality from Kousei .They have been married 2 years.

Yuna is bright and easy-going. Kousei doesn’t know if he loves Yuna or not, but he thinks her personality meshi with his. At this time, Kousei meets Akari (Yoko Maki), his ex-girlfriend from his university days. Akari works as an assistant at the College of Fine Arts and married Ryo (Gou Ayano).


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Best Divorce-Eita.jpg Best Divorce-Machiko Ono.jpg Best Divorce-Yoko Maki.jpg Best Divorce-Gou Ayano.jpg Best Divorce-Miwako Ichikawa.jpg
Eita Machiko Ono Yoko Maki Gou Ayano Miwako Ichikawa
Mitsuo Hamasaki Yuka Hamasaki Akari Uehara Ryo Uehara Tomoyo Seta
Best Divorce-Satoru Matsuo.jpg Best Divorce-Yuriko Ono.jpg Best Divorce-Serina.jpg Best Divorce-Masako Miyaji.jpg Best Divorce-Kaoru Yachigusa.jpg
Satoru Matsuo Yuriko Ono Serina Masako Miyaji Kaoru Yachigusa
Tsuguo Seta Chihiro Arimura Nana Ueno Satoko Yahagi Aiko Hamasaki

Additional Cast Members: