Senyuu Keiji Idol deka Dance TV Tokyo Fall Drama 2016 Episode01

From 12.20 a.m., Sundays, 9 October 2016
TV Tokyo
Rookie detective Tatsuya Sumire has dreamed of being like the hot-blooded detectives who appear in detective dramas since childhood. However, he is assigned to the First Section of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Entertainment Division, a section which deters crime of influential entertainers. The first order Tatsuya gets from his superior is to infiltrate an internet TV’s music programme as an idol in order to investigate a threatening letter. And so, the five-member idol group ‘Deka Dance’ is formed impromptu with Tatsuya, one-time swindler Kurosawa Yuya, former recluse Sakai Shokichi, struggling child star Hoshi Teruo and a silly part-timer Degawa Tetsuya. They are initially bewildered by the special world of the entertainment industry and keep getting into conflicts, but somehow get popular each time they investigate and solve the challenging cases that occur daily. And then they gradually become aware of themselves as idols. However, they will soon have to face off against the mysterious consummate villain.
Nakamura Aoi as Tatsuya Sumire (Tatsuya)
A hot-blooded guy who has finally fulfilled his dream to become a detective. His first mission is pose as an idol and to conduct an undercover investigation in the entertainment industry. He acts tough, but loves being prominent and immediately plays it cool.
Daito Shunsuke as Kurosawa Yuya (Yuya)
A member of Deka Dance and one-time swindler. He is good at winning over people because he has quick wits and is fast on his feet. He is popular with females and often is the one who keeps Tatsuya Sumire, who has a tendency to behave rashly, in check.
Yokohama Ryusei as Sakai Shokichi (Sho)
A member of Deka Dance and former recluse who has difficulties communicating. He is familiar with the internet. He has a sharp tongue and is cold but occasionally has outbursts. He is actually good at karate.
Morinaga Yuki as as Hoshi Teruo (Teru)
A member of Deka Dance and former child star who has not gained popularity despite 13 years in the entertainment industry. He has a detailed knowledge of the industry. He has a calculating side.
Tachibana Yuta as Degawa Tetsuya (D)
A member of Deka Dance and silly, happy-go-lucky part-timer who cannot read situations. He is good at singing.
Kondo Yoshimasa as Division Manager Shinohara
The useless head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Entertainment Division. He is the point of contact for Deka Dance’s appearances.
Okura (Urero Series, Hana no Zubora Meshi)
Tsuchiya Ryoichi (Urero Series)
Oi Yoichi
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