Shika otoko aoniyoshi Fuji TV Spring Drama 2008


High school teacher Takanobu Ogawa is transferred to a girls’ school in Nara prefecture, famous for its herd of deer. Awaiting him there are stuck-up girls, peculiar teachers, and…a deer. Takanobu’s life in Nara changes drastically when that deer begins talking to him. Takanobu will be in charge of class 1A. When he’s making the students introduce themselves, he realizes that Ito Hotta is absent. Just when he’s about to mark the attendance sheet, Ito walks in. Without a “hello” or “Sorry I’m late,” she walks to her seat and sits down. Furious at the girl’s attitude, Takanobu demands her to explain why she’s tardy. Ito explains, “I got a parking ticket when I tried to park my deer at the station.”


  1. Based on the novel “Shika otoko aoniyoshi” by Manabu Makime (published April, 2007 by Gentosha).



Supporting Cast