Shoujo no miru yume Fuji TV Summer Special drama 2016

  • Drama: Shoujo no Miru Yume
  • Romaji: Shoujo no Miru Yume
  • Japanese: 少女のみる夢
  • Director: Tadaaki Horai
  • Writer: Shinobu Fujiwara
  • Network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 3, 2016 —
  • Runtime: Sundays 01:40-02:40
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


17-year-old Sara (Minami Hoshino) gets into an accident and falls into critical condition. She wakes up in the hospital the next morning and sees a nurse, Nanami (Asuka Saito), next to her bed. Sara can not feel pain. Nanami shows Sara around the hospital

At night, Sara knows Nanami is a patient and not a nurse. She also knows that she has been in a coma for the past 10 years since she got into the car accident at the age of 7. Sara is also surprised that she is still in a coma. She is having an out-of-body experience.