SIREN Fuji TV Fall Drama 2016


Shinobu Satomi (Tori Matsuzaka) works in the Mobile Investigation Unit of The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The Mobile Investigation Unit conducts the initial investigation at all crime scenes. He works with Yuki Inokuma 
 (Fumino Kimura). They are a couple, but they keep their relationship a secret at work. They both hope to work at the #1 Investigation Station. One day, they meet beautiful Kara Tachibana at the site where a dead body was found. Kara Tachibana appears at the other crime scenes involving grotesque murders. She shows an interest in Yuki Inokuma. Shinobu Satomi thinks it’s a bad sign for Yuki Inouma. To protect his girlfriend from danger, he struggles to find uncover the truth behind the serial murder cases and Kara Tachibana’s identity.


  1. Based on the manga series “Sairen” by Sayaka Yamazaki (first published April 25, 2013 in Japanese seinen manga magazine Weekly Morning).


Siren (Japanese Drama)-Tori Matsuzaka.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Fumino Kimura.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Nanao.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Hiromitsu Kitayama.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Jun Kaname.jpg
Tori Matsuzaka Fumino Kimura Nanao Hiromitsu Kitayama Jun Kaname
Shinobu Satomi Yuki Inokuma Kara Tachibana Sho Hayami Kei Arimoto
Siren (Japanese Drama)-Sayaka Yamaguchi.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Ken Mitsuishi.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Ren Osugi.jpg Siren (Japanese Drama)-Eiichiro Funakoshi.jpg
Sayaka Yamaguchi Ken Mitsuishi Ren Osugi Eiichiro Funakoshi
Hiroko Chitose Kohei Watari Fumikazu Inokuma Minoru Ando

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 10/20/2015 12.9%
02 10/27/2015 6.3%
03 11/03/2015 8.6%
04 11/10/2015 8.1%
05 11/17/2015 8.5%
06 11/24/2015 7.3%
07 12/01/2015 8.1%
08 12/08/2015 8.9%
09 12/15/2015 11.5%
Average 9.22%