SP / Security Police Series + SP + Movie


Kaoru INOUE (Junichi Okada), 25, is a new SP (Security Police officer trained specifically to protect VIPs) who has special abilities such as photographic memory, tracking ability, etc. He witnessed his parents being killed in terrorism against a politician when he was a little boy, which made his five senses extraordinarily sharp. Acknowledging his unique abilities, Soichiro OGATA (Shinichi Tsutsumi), 38, recruits him for his team and allows him to act depending on the situation. The crimes and terrorism are much harder to deal with in this internet era. With Ogata’s superb leadership and Inoue’s unique abilities, Ogata’s team prevents crimes against VIPs and saves lives. When they are assigned to guard the Prime Minister, Inoue has to overcome his trauma and Ogata may have to reveal his secrets.


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