[SP] Yuukai Houtei

  • TV Movie: Yuukai Houtei: Seven Days (literal title)
  • Romaji: Yuukai Houtei: Seven Days
  • Japanese: 誘拐法廷~セブンデイズ~
  • Director: Manabu Aso
  • Writer: Yoshihiro Izumi
  • Network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes: 1
  • Release Date: October 7, 2018
  • Runtime: Sunday 21:00-23:09
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


39-year-old Meiko Amabuki (Nanako Matsushima) works as an attorney. She is married to Goro Aizawa, but they are separated. They have one daughter. Meiko Amabuki decides to file for divorce. They battle over custody of their daughter. One day, Meiko Amabuki’s daughter is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that a suspect in a murder case Eiji Kunimitsu receive a not guilty judgement. Meiko Amabuki only has 7 days before that trial ends.


  1. Remake of 2007 South Korean film “Seven Days.”


Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Nanako Matsushima.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Ryuhei Maruyama.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Tetta Sugimoto.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Marie Iitoyo.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Tokio Emoto.jpg
Nanako Matsushima Ryuhei Maruyama Tetta Sugimoto Marie Iitoyo Tokio Emoto
Meiko Amabuki Hideki Utsui Goro Aizawa Anna Kotaki Eiji Kunimitsu
Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Reiya Masaki.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Norito Yashima.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Denden.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Masato Ibu.jpg Yuukai Houtei-7 Days-Jun Fubuki.jpg
Reiya Masaki Norito Yashima Denden Masato Ibu Jun Fubuki
Kazuki Akaike Makoto Ichinose Mitsuhiko Otohara Akio Togashi Fumiko Takamine



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