Space Brothers 2012

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When Mutta was 12-years-old and Hibito was 9-years-old the two brothers saw what they thought was an UFO flying towards the moon. They made a pact then to become astronauts and one day fly into space together.

Fast forward to the year 2025. Older brother Mutta (Shun Oguri) works as for an automotive company and his younger brother Hibito works as an astronaut. Although Mutta failed to follow through on his childhood promise, after losing his job, he receives a phone call from Hibito which reignites his childhood dream of flying into outer space …


  1. Based on Chuya Koyama’s manga “Uchu Kyodai” first published in 2008.
  2. Portions of the film will be shot at the Kennedy Space center in Florida during the month of June, 2011.
  3. Theme song for the movie is British pop band Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” (Mylo Xyloto).
  4. Related titles:
    1. Space Brothers 0 (2014)


Space Brothers-Shun Oguri.jpg Space Brothers-Masaki Okada.jpg Space Brothers-Kumiko Aso.png Space Brothers-Gaku Hamada.jpg
Shun Oguri Masaki Okada Kumiko Aso Gaku Hamada
Mutta Nanba Hibito Nanba Serika Ito Yasushi Furuya
Space Brothers-Hirofumi Arai.jpg Space Brothers-Yoshio Inoue.jpg Space Brothers-Sansei Shiomi.jpg Space Brothers-Shinichi Tsutsumi.jpg
Hirofumi Arai Yoshio Inoue Sansei Shiomi Shinichi Tsutsumi
Yamato Mizoguchi Kenji Makabe Naoto Fukuda Tadashi Hoshika

Additional Cast Members: