Suikyu Yankisu Fuji TV Summer Drama 2014

  • Drama: Water Polo Yankees (literal title)
  • Romaji: Suikyu Yankisu
  • Japanese: 水球ヤンキース
  • Director: Shogo Miyaki
  • Writer: Yuichi Tokunaga, Saya Matsuda
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: July 12 – September 20, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturdays 23:10-23:55
  • TV Ratings: 6.6% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Naoya Inaba (Yuto Nakajima) grew up abroad. From his childhood experience, he thought “yankees” were the strongest heroes (in Japan “yankee” refers to delinquent youths). He was also influenced by the Japanese yankee manga he read from abroad. Because of his own experiences and reading manga, he is full of chivalrous spirit.

Naoya arrives in Japan to spend one year at a high school in Japan. He is transferred to a technical high school which is about to be closed down. Naoya admires the school because a yankee, who he admired as a child, went there, but he soon realizes that there are no real yankee like hero figures. There are only students who spends there days meaninglessly. Naoya is disappointed, but he happens to play water polo.


  1. Filming starts in June, 2014.
  2. Beginning sometime in the 1980’s, the term “yankee” in Japan refers to delinquent youths. They are a frequent subject matter for manga (stereotypically with dyed blond hair, gang members and carrying sticks).


Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yuto Nakajima.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Kento Yamazaki.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yudai Chiba.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Shotaro Mamiya.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Taishi Nakagawa.jpg
Yuto Nakajima Kento Yamazaki Yudai Chiba Shotaro Mamiya Taishi Nakagawa
Naoya Inaba Ryuji Mifune Tomoki Kimura Ryo Chiaki Kohei Shimura
Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Ryo Yoshizawa.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yuma Yamoto.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Aya Omasa.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yukiya Kitamura.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Leo Morimoto.jpg
Ryo Yoshizawa Yuma Yamoto Aya Omasa Yukiya Kitamura Leo Morimoto
Shinsuke Kato Koki Miyaguchi Chiharu Aoyama Hanzo Kuwahara Shigenobu Arakawa
Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yu Yokoyama.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yuya Takaki.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Sakurako Ohara.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Yua Shinkawa.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Miwako Kakei.jpg
Yu Yokoyama Yuya Takaki Sakurako Ohara Yua Shinkawa Miwako Kakei
Yoshio Kurosawa Torao Kitajima Nagisa Iwasaki Kirei Fujisaki Ryoko Maehata
Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Hinako Sano.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Nobuyuki Suzuki.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Kana Kurashina.jpg Water Polo Yankees (Suikyu Yankisu)-Kanna Hashimoto.jpg
Hinako Sano Nobuyuki Suzuki Kana Kurashina Kanna Hashimoto
Michiko Shibata Takeshi Goda Mafuyu Shoji herself

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/12/2014 8.8%
02 07/19/2014 7.2%
03 08/02/2014 5.6%
04 08/09/2014 6.7%
05 08/16/2014 8.1%
06 08/23/2014 5.6%
07 08/30/2014 5.4%
08 09/06/2014 5.7%
09 09/13/2014 5.6%
10 09/20/2014 7.5%
Average 6.6%


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