Suna no Tou~Shiri Sugita Rinjin TBS Fall drama 2016

  • Drama: Sand’s Tower (literal title)
  • Romaji: Suna no Tou~Shiri Sugita Rinjin
  • Japanese: 砂の塔~知りすぎた隣人
  • Director: Ayuko Tsukahara
  • Writer: Natsuko Ikeda
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 14, 2016 —
  • Runtime: Fridays 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Aki Takano (Miho Kanno) is an ordinary and happy housewife with a sweet husband and two sons. They move into a high-rise apartment building which they have always wanted to do. There, Aki Takano meets a frightening neighbor. The neighbor tries to isolate Aki from the other residents and break down Aki’s family.

Meanwhile, a series of abduction cases take place. There seems to be a connection to the kidnapper and the frightening neighbor.


  1. First leading acting role in a drama series by Miho Kanno since 2012 TBS drama series “Wonderful Single Life.”


Suna no Tou-Miho Kanno.jpgSuna no Tou-Takanori Iwata.jpgSuna no Tou-Nanako Matsushima.jpgSuna no Tou-Naoki Tanaka.jpgSuna no Tou-Megumi Yokoyama.jpg
Miho KannoTakanori IwataNanako MatsushimaNaoki TanakaMegumi Yokoyama
Aki TakanoKohei UbukataYumiko SasakiKenichi TakanoHiroko Aso
Suna no Tou-Keiko Horiuchi.jpgSuna no Tou-Chiaki Horan.jpgSuna no Tou-Shuhei Uesugi.jpgSuna no Tou-Kei Otozuki.jpgSuna no Tou-Yuichi Kimura.jpg
Keiko HoriuchiChiaki HoranShuhei UesugiKei OtozukiYuichi Kimura
Rino HashiguchiAyaka OnoTakumi TsukuiShiori YanagiShinji Inose
Suna no Tou-Hayato Sano.jpgSuna no Tou-Asuka Kawazu.jpgSuna no Tou-Kurumi Inagaki.jpgSuna no Tou-Ken Mitsuishi.jpgSuna no Tou-Setsuko Karasuma.jpg
Hayato SanoAsuka KawazuKurumi InagakiKen MitsuishiSetsuko Karasuma
Kazuki TakanoNarumi HashiguchiSora TakanoHidemi AramataKumiko Mita
Suna no Tou-Kanji Tsuda.jpgSuna no Tou-Nori Sato.jpg
Kanji TsudaNori Sato
Takefumi AsoAtsuko Miura