Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta Fuji TV Winter Drama 2011

  • Drama: You Taught Me All the Precious Things (English Title)
  • Romaji: Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta
  • Japanese: 大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた
  • Director: Masaki Nishiura, Hiroki Hayama
  • Writer: Naoko Adachi
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: January 17 – March 21, 2011
  • Runtime: Monday 21:00
  • TV Ratings: 11.4%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Natsumi Uemura (Erika Toda) is an English teacher at Meiryo High School. She has always dreamed of being a teacher. Until her middle school days Natsumi lived in the U.S. She is now a first grade home room teacher and advisor to the basketball team. She is bright and has a positive character, so she is popular with the students. Shuji Kashiwagi (Haruma Miura) is a biology teacher at the same high school. Shuji is a 2nd grade home room teacher. Shuji is faithful and considerate. He deals with students with his heart so not only students but also their parents support him completely.

Natsumi and Shuji graduated from the same high school and university. They plan to marry in 3 months. Natsumi’s friend and roommate, wedding planner Sayaka Todo (Mariko Shinoda), helps the couple with their wedding plans. All signs point to Natsumi and Shuji being happy.

On the first morning of the new school term, Shuji finds a naked woman sleeping next to him. Shuji thinks back to the prior night and recalls becoming drunk and having sex with the woman. He becomes embarrassed, but gives the unidentified woman a key and leaves for work. Shuji feels guilty to Natsumi and regrets what he did, but tries to calm down and prepare for the new school term.

Students in the 2 grade 1 class like Shuji as their home room teacher. When Shuji calls roll he discovers two students, Hikari Saeki (Emi Takei) and Nozomi Sonoda (Ayame Gouriki) have not yet come to school. At that time, one female student walks into the class room. The girl is Hikari. Shuji tells the students to move to the auditorium for the opening ceremony of the new school term. Hikari stays in the classroom until the rest of the students clear out. Hikari gives something to Shuji. The item is Shuji’s apartment key. Shuji realizes the woman he spent with last night is Hikari …


  1. Emi Takei was cast for the student who has an affair with Haruma Miura‘s after being selected from an audition with 800 participants.


Taisetsu-Erika Toda.jpg Taisetsu-Haruma Miura.jpg
Erika Toda Haruma Miura
Natsumi Uemura Shuji Kashiwagi
Taisetsu-Emi Takei.jpg Taisetsu-Yuki Uchida.jpg Taisetsu-Morio Kazama.jpg Taisetsu-Masahiro Nishimura.jpg Taisetsu-Mariko Shinoda (AKB48).jpg
Emi Takei Yuki Uchida Morio Kazama Masahiko Nishimura Mariko Shinoda
Hikari Saeki Aya Mizutani Satoshi Tsuruoka Yosifumi Nakanishi Sayaka Todo
Taisetsu-Masaki Suda.jpg Taisetsu-Ayame Koriki.jpg Taisetsu-Kento Nakajima.jpg Taisetsu-Arisu Hirose.jpg Taisetsu-Anna Nose.jpg
Masaki Suda Ayame Gouriki Kento Nakajima Alice Hirose Anna Nose
Naoki Hiraoka Nozomi Sonoda Kentaro Kodama Ryoko Kagawa Masayo Kaneko
Taisetsu-Anna Ishibashi.jpg
Anna Ishibashi
Yuna Watanabe

Additional Cast Members: