Tantei no Tantei Fuji TV Summer Drama 2015


Rena Sasaki (Keiko Kitagawa) is a beautiful woman with excellent memory and intelligence. She becomes a private detective and risks her life to chase down evil private detectives, because her younger sister was murdered by a stalker. The person that provided information to the stalker on her sister’s location was a private detective.


  1. Based on the novel “Tantei no Tantei” by Keisuke Matsuoka (published November 14, 2014 by Kodanshabunko).


Detective versus Detectives-Keiko Kitagawa.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Haruna Kawaguchi.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Takahiro Miura.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Dean Fujioka.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Masayuki Ito.jpg
Keiko Kitagawa Haruna Kawaguchi Takahiro Miura Dean Fujioka Masayuki Ito
Rena Sasaki Kotoha Minemori Yuma Kubozuka Sota Kirishima Shuzo Doi
Detective versus Detectives-Shinji Rokkaku.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Yuko Takayama.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Kento Shibuya.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Masanobu Sakata.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Kyoko Yoshine.jpg
Shinji Rokkaku Yuko Takayama Kento Shibuya Masanobu Sakata Kyoko Yoshine
Yuji Saeki Ryoko Ine Noriyasu Hasebe Takashi Funase Sakura Sasaki
Detective versus Detectives-Kazuyuki Aijima.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Yuri Nakamura.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Yusuke Santamaria.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Saki Takaoka.jpg Detective versus Detectives-Arata Iura.jpg
Kazuyuki Aijima Yuri Nakamura Yusuke Santamaria Saki Takaoka Arata Iura
Shiro Bando Ayane Oda Yoshinori Abiru Yoko Yabuki Yasuomi Suma

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 07/09/2015 11.9%
02 07/16/2015 7.5%
03 07/23/2015 8.7%
04 07/30/2015 8.7%
05 08/06/2015 7.4%
06 08/13/2015 6.5%
07 08/20/2015 8.2%
08 08/27/2015 5.4%
09 09/03/2015 8.3%
10 09/10/2015 7.2%
11 09/17/2015 8.4%
Average 8.1%