Tenten DVDRIP Xvid

  • Movie: Adrift in Tokyo
  • Romaji: Tenten
  • Japanese: 転々
  • Director: Satoshi Miki
  • Writer: Yoshinaga Fujita (novel), Satoshi Miki
  • Producer: Hideo Tsujihata, Kyoichi Miyazaki, Shoichiro Ohmura, Akihiko Yose, Masaki Kai
  • Cinematographer Sohei Tanikawa
  • Release Date: November 10, 2007
  • Runtime: 101 Min.
  • Production Company: Stylejam
  • Distributor: Stylejam
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Takemura begins the film as an 8th-year college student who has somehow managed to accumulate ¥840,000 in debt.

Abandoned by his parents in childhood, he has no one to turn to for the cash.

One night a stranger with a grubby trenchcoat and grizzly beard, Fukuhara, bursts into his apartment, puts him in a chokehold and demands the dough, or else. Takemura agrees to scrape it up, but his feeble attempts, including a losing pachinko session, fail miserably. Then, the day before the debt comes due, Fukuhara comes to Takemura with an unusual offer: walk with him from Kichijoji to Kasumigaseki, for ¥1 million, paid on successful completion. Takemura has no choice but to go along.

On the first day of the walk, Fukuhara tells Takemura his reason for it: He killed his wife and intends to give himself up at the Sakuradamon police station. Takemura, a law student, urges Fukuhara to go to the nearest cop shop — if the police discover the body before he turns himself in, the hand of the law will be heavier, Takemura explains — but Fukuhara refuses to change his plan: It’s Sakuradamon or nothing.


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Joe OdagiriTomokazu MiuraKyoko KoizumiYuriko Yoshitaka
Fumiya TakemuraAichiro FukuharaMakikoFufumi
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Eri FuseRyo IwamatsuYutaka MatsushigeReona HirotaIttoku Kishibe
Mrs. Sendai (Office Worker #1)Mr. Kunimatsu (Office Worker #2)Mr. Tomobe (Office Worker #3)Kaburagi (painter)Ittoku Kishibe

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