The Blind Teacher (2016) [Multiple Sub/English&Indo/MPEG-TS]

Arai Yoshinori (Kato Shigeaki) works for a junior high school in the town of Minano in Saitama Prefecture. He has fulfilled his childhood dream to become a Japanese language teacher. The embodiment of a enthusiastic, motivated teacher who always puts all his energy in his students, he recites textbooks in language class, dribbles soccer balls as the adviser to the soccer team and listens to the problems of students as their form teacher. Meanwhile, Yoshinori meets music teacher Mayumi (Sawajiri Erika) who works at the same school. They fall in love, get married and have three children. Yoshinori and Mayumi are able to identify and understand each other because they are both teachers. They lead a contented, happy life and Yoshinori thought that this would last. He has always had severe myopia. But one day, he suddenly feels something wrong with his eyes and goes for a check up at the hospital. He is informed by the doctor that he has the symptoms of retinal detachment. The possibility of losing his sight scares Yoshinori, but he undergoes repeated surgery in an attempt to curb it. His students are waiting. He simply cannot succumb to his illness. However, in the end, Yoshinori’s fierce battle is in vain and he loses sight in both eyes. He sinks to the dark depths of despair. However, he has his university senior Aoi Shuhei (Koizumi Kotaro), former student Onozaki Kai (Kotaki Nozomu), high school teacher Miyagi Michio (Wakabayashi Masayasu), assistant Sakaki Kyota (Koyama Keiichiro), Mayor Osawa (Nakamura Baijaku), Mayumi’s mother Yumiko (Fubuki Jun), his supportive father Noriyasu (Hashizume Isao) and of course Mayumi who accepts everything about him. With the support and love of the people around him, Yoshinori resolves to be the teacher that he was before. However, this is the start of a tough struggle