The Sniffer 2016

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Shinichiro Hanaoka (Hiroshi Abe) is a consultant who has special sense of smell. Using his special sense of smell, he solves difficult and bizarre cases.


  1. Drama series is a remake of Ukrainian TV series “The Sniffer” which first aired November 11, 2013 on ICTV.
  2. Related titles:
    1. The Sniffer | Suniffa Kyukaku Sosakan (NHK / 2016)
    2. The Sniffer Special | Suniffa Supesharu (NHK / 2018)


The Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Hiroshi Abe.jpgThe Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Teruyuki Kagawa.jpgThe Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Haruka Igawa.jpg
Hiroshi AbeTeruyuki KagawaHaruka Igawa
Shinichiro HanaokaTatsuro KomukaiYuki Suenaga
The Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Yuka Itaya.jpgThe Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Toru Nomaguchi.jpgThe Sniffer (Japanese Drama)-Kazuko Yoshiyuki.jpg
Yuka ItayaToru NomaguchiKazuko Yoshiyuki
Megumi KatayamaIchiro UwabeMasako Komukai

Additional Cast Members: