THRILL aka & shiro NHK Winter Drama 2017

  • Drama: Thrill!: The Red Chapter (English title)
  • Romaji: Aka no Sho~Keishicho Shomugakari Hitomi no Jikenbo
  • Japanese: 赤の章~警視庁庶務係ヒトミの事件簿
  • Director: Hayato Kawai, Kengo Takimoto
  • Writer: Mitsuharu Makita, Koji Tokuo
  • Network: NHK
  • Episodes: 4
  • Release Date: February 22 – March 15, 2017
  • Runtime: Wednesdays 22:25-23:15
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Hitomi Nakano (Nana Komatsu) is not a detective, but works in the general affairs section at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Her job is to check receipts which detectives paid during an investigation. She does have a keen sense to detect criminal behavior due to her father being a conman. A series of murders takes place. Hitomi Nakano finds a clue to the murders, which is the victims’ names. She teams up with Detective Togawa (Keisuke Koide) and Lawyer Shirai (Koji Yamamoto).


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Thrill!- The Red Chapter-Nana Komatsu.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Koji Yamamoto.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Keisuke Koide.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Houka Kinoshita.jpgKitaro
Nana KomatsuKoji YamamotoKeisuke KoideHouka KinoshitaKitaro
Hitomi NakanoShinnosuke ShiraiTakeshi SotogaSokichi KuroiwaTomura
Thrill!- The Red Chapter-Keisuke Horibe.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Shinya Owada.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Hinako Sano.jpgThrill!- The Red Chapter-Atsuko Sakurai.jpg
Keisuke HoribeShinya OwadaHinako SanoAtsuko Sakurai
AonoTakashi TakakuraChikako ShinoharaAkiko Goto (ep.1)