Tokumei no Keiji TV Tokyo Winter Drama 2018 EPISODE01-07 [COMPLETED BATCH]

Tokumei Keiji: Kakuho no Onna

Main Cast: Natori Yuko, Aso Yumi, Ito Shiro, Takahashi Katsunori, Watanabe Ikkei, Tsurumi Shingo

Synopsis: Hojo Yuriko is an elite HR police officer who has worked for Tokyo MPD for years but has no crime scene experience. Miura Aya is an experienced front line detective for Kanagawa Prefectural Police who worked her way up through the ranks and has a reputation as a “human lie detector”. Their paths collide when Yuriko transfers to Kanagawa, claiming she wants to experience field work before she retires. However, she has another, hidden reason for the transfer.



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