Tokyo Airport : Air Traffic Service 2012

  • Drama: Tokyo Airport : Air Traffic Service (English title)
  • Romaji: Tokyo Eapoto : Tokyo Kuko Kansei Hoan Bu
  • Japanese: TOKYOエアポート : 東京空港管制保安部
  • Director: Mizuki Nishizaka, Mai Takano
  • Writer: Yuichi Tokunaga, Manabu Uda, Kaeko Hayafune
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: October 14 – December 23, 2012
  • Runtime: Sundays 21:00-21:54
  • Genre: Drama / Airline
  • TV Ratings: 10.2% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Kaori Shinoda (Kyoko Fukada) is a new air traffic controller. She visits Haneda airport one day before her actual work begins to say hello. On the way to the control tower she sees a young boy named Kenta Watanabe (Ryunosuke Hashino), who has a smile support badge. From her past experience as a ground staff, she takes Kenta to the boarding gate.

Kaori arrives at the control tower and watches the air traffic controllers work in their hectic pace. She talks with Noboru Yuki (Saburo Tokito). It becomes very noisy. An airplane that has just taken off has the possibility that a bird might be jammed somewhere in the airplane’s engine. Chief air traffic controller Yumi Takeuchi (Asaka Seto) quickly contacts the pilot and other agencies to prepare for the worst. The air traffic controllers guide several airplanes including the troubled airplane to make safe landings. The air traffic controllers are relieved and the ground staffs at the arrival gate become busy dealing with the passengers.

On Kaori’s first day at work, she is introduced to other air traffic controllers in the middle of a briefing. Yumi takes Kaori to the opposite direction of the control tower. Yumi and Kaori arrive at the simulation room. Kaori gives exact instructions, thinking of costs, but Yumi tells Kaori that air traffic controllers shouldn’t think of cost and makes Kaori practice more.

After a couple days of strict simulation, Kaori gets the order and she is excited that she can finally work for real. Kaori goes to the control tower and sits with Yumi. She begins to direct an airplane, but …


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Tokyo Airport-Kyoko Fukada.jpgTokyo Airport-Saburo Tokito.jpgTokyo Airport-Asaka Seto.jpgTokyo Airport-Jun Kaname.jpgTokyo Airport-Koji Seto.jpg
Kyoko FukadaSaburo TokitoAsaka SetoJun KanameKoji Seto
Kaori ShinodaNoboru YukiYumi TakeuchiYukihiro KondoYuji Yamashita
Tokyo Airport-Nozomi Sasaki.jpgTokyo Airport-Zen Kajihara.jpgTokyo Airport-Tomoharu Hasegawa.jpgTokyo Airport-Tetsuya Bessho.jpgTokyo Airport-Yukijiro Hotaru.jpg
Nozomi SasakiZen KajiharaTomoharu HasegawaTetsuya BesshoYukijiro Hotaru
Mana SakaiMotoharu YanoTetsuji OkamotoIssei HimuroAkira Tanabe
Tokyo Airport-Eriko Sato.jpgTokyo Airport-Sayaka Yamaguchi.jpgTokyo Airport-Koudai Asaka.jpgTokyo Airport-Yu Kamio.jpg
Eriko SatoSayaka YamaguchiKoudai AsakaYu Kamio
Yu KirishimaReiko JonouchiHiroyuki IidaHitoshi Makino

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