“TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” is the world’s largest idol festival held in Odaiba.

Called the idol Warring States period, 2010, when the idol boom began to reignite.
It started in Shinagawa, Tokyo as Japan’s first “large-scale simultaneous multiple music festival specializing in idols”.
After that, the stage moved to Odaiba, and in 2019, when the era changed from Heisei to Reiwa,
In proportion to the excitement of the idol scene, by the time about 90,000 customers visit us.
However, last year, it was canceled for the first time in the past 10 years due to an unprecedented situation caused by the new coronavirus.

This is the first time in two years.
Neru Nagahama ‘s new chairman appointment
While proactively making new attempts to survive headwinds
We will continue to push forward for the unchanging purpose of “enhancing and spreading the idol scene.”


For timetable, cast, stage please visit Official TIF Web



Smile Garden
2021-10-02_18_30_SmileGarden – BiSH
2021-10-02_18_30_SmileGarden – BiSH [TV]
2021-10-02_18_19_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE ACOUSTIC – NANAMI (QUEENS), Minato Akane (predia)
2021-10-02_18_12_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE ACOUSTIC – Komachi Mai (Sandal Telephone), Terashima Yufu, HARUKA (Pretty Ash)
2021-10-02_18_05_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE ACOUSTIC – Takizawa Hinano (NEO JAPONISM), Murakami Rumina (predia)
2021-10-02_17_59_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE ACOUSTIC – Sasaki Ami (Kaika), Shiokawa Rise (Tenkou Shoujo), Takahagi Chinatsu (Up Up Girls (2))
2021-10-02_17_50_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE ACOUSTIC – Abe Nanami (Last Idol), Kaede Fuuka (Qumali Depart), Shimizu Riko (Niji no Conquistador)
2021-10-02_17_05_SmileGarden – Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku
2021-10-02_16_45_SmileGarden – predia
2021-10-02_16_15_SmileGarden – PIGGS
2021-10-02_15_50_SmileGarden – MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN
2021-10-02_15_30_SmileGarden – Batten Show Jo Tai
2021-10-02_15_00_SmileGarden – Up Up Festive (2) (Up Up Girls (2) x FES TIVE)
2021-10-02_14_35_SmileGarden – MAPA
2021-10-02_14_10_SmileGarden – GO TO THE BEDS
2021-10-02_13_45_SmileGarden – PARADISES
2021-10-02_12_50_SmileGarden – Terashima Yufu
2021-10-02_12_30_SmileGarden – Idol College
2021-10-02_11_55_SmileGarden – 22_7
2021-10-02_11_35_SmileGarden – Luce Twinkle Wink
2021-10-02_11_15_SmileGarden – Junjou no Afilia
2021-10-02_10_40_SmileGarden – Tenkou Shoujo
2021-10-02_10_20_SmileGarden – JYA PON
2021-10-02_10_00_SmileGarden – MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE
2021-10-02_09_45_SmileGarden – Radio Taisou – MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE, Tenkou Shoujo, Junjou no Afilia
2021-10-02_13_10_SmileGarden – Last Idol


Doll Factory
2021-10-02_20_30_DollFactory – predia
2021-10-02_20_15_DollFactory – Tenkou Shoujo
2021-10-02_20_00_DollFactory – Sandal Telephone
2021-10-02_19_45_DollFactory – QUEENS
2021-10-02_18_55_DollFactory – NEO JAPONISM
2021-10-02_18_40_DollFactory – NEMURIORCA
2021-10-02_18_25_DollFactory – MAPA
2021-10-02_18_10_DollFactory – #PEXACOA
2021-10-02_17_25_DollFactory – Artemis no Tsubasa
2021-10-02_17_10_DollFactory – Kuusou Moment L+
2021-10-02_16_55_DollFactory – Kimi no Girlfriend
2021-10-02_16_40_DollFactory – P-Loco
2021-10-02_16_10_DollFactory – gurumaid=tiara
2021-10-02_15_55_DollFactory – littlemore.
2021-10-02_15_40_DollFactory – Malcolm Mask McLaren
2021-10-02_15_25_DollFactory – Junjou no Afilia
2021-10-02_14_55_DollFactory – 22_7
2021-10-02_14_40_DollFactory – Qumali Depart
2021-10-02_14_25_DollFactory – Kaika
2021-10-02_14_10_DollFactory – Star T
2021-10-02_13_21_DollFactory – Spirits Stage – Rirunede
2021-10-02_13_15_DollFactory – Spirits Stage – MC
2021-10-02_12_56_DollFactory – Spirits Stage – #Babababambi
2021-10-02_12_55_DollFactory – Spirits Stage – MC
2021-10-02_12_35_DollFactory – ASP
2021-10-02_12_00_DollFactory – WAgg
2021-10-02_19_25_DollFactory – Last Idol
2021-10-02_11_45_DollFactory – Pretty Ash
2021-10-02_11_30_DollFactory – Rirunede
2021-10-02_11_15_DollFactory – Colorful Scream
2021-10-02_10_45_DollFactory – KATACOTO BANK
2021-10-02_10_30_DollFactory – Eclair Eclat
2021-10-02_10_15_DollFactory – PIGGS
2021-10-02_10_00_DollFactory – Up Up Girls (2)