“TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” is the world’s largest idol festival held in Odaiba.

Called the idol Warring States period, 2010, when the idol boom began to reignite.
It started in Shinagawa, Tokyo as Japan’s first “large-scale simultaneous multiple music festival specializing in idols”.
After that, the stage moved to Odaiba, and in 2019, when the era changed from Heisei to Reiwa,
In proportion to the excitement of the idol scene, by the time about 90,000 customers visit us.
However, last year, it was canceled for the first time in the past 10 years due to an unprecedented situation caused by the new coronavirus.

This is the first time in two years.
Neru Nagahama ‘s new chairman appointment
While proactively making new attempts to survive headwinds
We will continue to push forward for the unchanging purpose of “enhancing and spreading the idol scene.”


For timetable, cast, stage please visit Official TIF Web


Hot Stage
2021-10-03_10_00_HotStage – Shirokuro Matsuri – Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku., Masshiro na Canvas
2021-10-03_20_31_HotStage – Grand Finale
2021-10-03_20_31_HotStage – Grand Finale [TV]
2021-10-03_19_20_HotStage – Nogizaka46
2021-10-03_20_22_HotStage – Up Up Festive (2) (Up Up Girls (2) x FES TIVE)
2021-10-03_20_22_HotStage – Up Up Festive (2) (Up Up Girls (2) x FES TIVE) [TV]
2021-10-03_20_18_HotStage – HARUKA (Pretty Ash), Nagahama Neru
2021-10-03_20_18_HotStage – HARUKA (Pretty Ash), Nagahama Neru [TV]
2021-10-03_20_10_HotStage – Karen na Ivory (TIF de Debut), Nagahama Neru
2021-10-03_20_10_HotStage – Karen na Ivory (TIF de Debut), Nagahama Neru [TV]
2021-10-03_20_07_HotStage – MC – Nagahama Neru
2021-10-03_20_07_HotStage – MC – Nagahama Neru [TV]
2021-10-03_20_02_HotStage – My Dear Apple (Peel the Apple x MyDearDarlin’)
2021-10-03_20_02_HotStage – My Dear Apple (Peel the Apple x MyDearDarlin’) [TV]
2021-10-03_20_00_HotStage – MC – Nagahama Neru
2021-10-03_20_00_HotStage – MC – Nagahama Neru [TV]
2021-10-03_19_20_HotStage – Nogizaka46 [TV]
2021-10-03_18_40_HotStage – AKB48
2021-10-03_18_00_HotStage – =LOVE
2021-10-03_17_20_HotStage – Hinatazaka46
2021-10-03_15_50_HotStage – AKB48 Team 8
2021-10-03_15_37_HotStage – Anthurium
2021-10-03_15_32_HotStage – STAiNY
2021-10-03_15_26_HotStage – Gunjou no Sekai
2021-10-03_15_20_HotStage – JamsCollection
2021-10-03_14_55_HotStage – Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku.
2021-10-03_14_30_HotStage – 26ji no Masquerade
2021-10-03_14_00_HotStage – CYBERJAPAN DANCERS
2021-10-03_12_05_HotStage – Jewel Mare
2021-10-03_11_35_HotStage – Sunny Peace & Tsuki no Tempest (IDOLY PRIDE)
2021-10-03_11_10_HotStage – Masshiro na Canvas
2021-10-03_10_45_HotStage – Chou Tokimeki Sendenbu


Smile Garden
2021-10-03_10_00_SmileGarden – Peel the Apple
2021-10-03_10_20_SmileGarden – MaybeME
2021-10-03_09_45_SmileGarden – Radio Taisou – Appare!, PiXMiX, Kyushu Joshi Yoku
2021-10-03_20_19_SmileGarden – DJ Dienoji with Up Up Girls (Kari)
2021-10-03_20_19_SmileGarden – DJ Dienoji with Up Up Girls (Kari) [TV]
2021-10-03_20_00_SmileGarden – Hacchake-tai
2021-10-03_19_41_SmileGarden – DJ Sunomono (Ooba Haruka (Nanaland))
2021-10-03_19_41_SmileGarden – DJ Sunomono (Ooba Haruka (Nanaland)) [TV]
2021-10-03_19_20_SmileGarden – CYBERJAPAN DANCERS
2021-10-03_18_40_SmileGarden – Philosophy no Dance
2021-10-03_18_20_SmileGarden – Osaka Shunkashuutou
2021-10-03_18_00_SmileGarden – Tsuki no Tempest (IDOLY PRIDE)
2021-10-03_17_45_SmileGarden – Sunny Peace (IDOLY PRIDE)
2021-10-03_17_25_SmileGarden – Task have Fun
2021-10-03_16_55_SmileGarden – =ME
2021-10-03_16_25_SmileGarden – Appare!
2021-10-03_16_15_SmileGarden – HARP STAR
2021-10-03_15_40_SmileGarden – Niji no Conquistador
2021-10-03_15_05_SmileGarden – IDOL SMILE JAMBOREE – Devil ANTHEM., nuance, Pimm’s, BenjaminJasmine
2021-10-03_14_35_SmileGarden – FES TIVE
2021-10-03_14_15_SmileGarden – NECOPLA
2021-10-03_13_55_SmileGarden – Devil ANTHEM.
2021-10-03_13_15_SmileGarden – HKT48
2021-10-03_12_45_SmileGarden – LinQ
2021-10-03_12_25_SmileGarden – NanKini!
2021-10-03_12_00_SmileGarden – ukka
2021-10-03_11_40_SmileGarden – DIALOGUE+
2021-10-03_11_20_SmileGarden – BenjaminJasmine
2021-10-03_10_50_SmileGarden – My Dear Apple (Peel the Apple x MyDearDarlin’)


Doll Factory
2021-10-03_10_15_DollFactory – BREAK TIME GIRLS
2021-10-03_10_00_DollFactory – Lily of the valley
2021-10-03_20_30_DollFactory – Osaka Shunkashuutou
2021-10-03_20_15_DollFactory – Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku.
2021-10-03_20_00_DollFactory – Anthurium
2021-10-03_19_45_DollFactory – Pimm’s
2021-10-03_19_15_DollFactory – LinQ
2021-10-03_19_00_DollFactory – Sengoku Animal Gokuraku Joudo
2021-10-03_18_45_DollFactory – Gunjou no Sekai
2021-10-03_18_30_DollFactory – Sweet Alley
2021-10-03_17_45_DollFactory – JamsCollection
2021-10-03_17_30_DollFactory – MaybeME
2021-10-03_17_15_DollFactory – STAiNY
2021-10-03_17_00_DollFactory – MyDearDarlin’
2021-10-03_16_30_DollFactory – Kyururintte Shite Mite
2021-10-03_16_15_DollFactory – Yakou-sei Amuse
2021-10-03_16_00_DollFactory – Cinderella Sengen!
2021-10-03_15_45_DollFactory – OchaMental Party
2021-10-03_15_15_DollFactory – CROWN POP
2021-10-03_15_00_DollFactory – Kolokol
2021-10-03_14_45_DollFactory – FlowFlow
2021-10-03_14_15_DollFactory – NanKini!
2021-10-03_14_00_DollFactory – Mikansei Lip Sparkle
2021-10-03_13_45_DollFactory – BudLaB
2021-10-03_13_10_DollFactory – MikuCha Special Stage Uta Umai Idol – Sano Kokone (Peel the Apple), Segawa Kanon (Sukiiro Drop), YU-Ki (MELiSSA)
2021-10-03_12_05_DollFactory – Kyushu Joshi Yoku
2021-10-03_11_45_DollFactory – NakoMiku (HKT48)
2021-10-03_11_30_DollFactory – PiXMiX
2021-10-03_11_15_DollFactory – SOL
2021-10-03_10_45_DollFactory – PLANCK STARS
2021-10-03_10_30_DollFactory – Terasu x Terasu



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