Tokyo Wankei Fuji TV Summer Drama 2004


A love story relating how people become the sport of fateful romance over two generations of parents and children.”Will someone find the real me?…”Mika, the young woman who sent this e-mail message, is an editor working in the Odaiba district of Tokyo. A third-generation Korean, she comes from a wealthy family and has always had anything she wanted. The one who finds this message is Ryosuke, who is working in a warehouse at Shinagawa Pier.These two people, who would seem to have nothing in common and who are separated by Tokyo Bay, have come to know each other through a dating website. One day, Mika’s late mother’s diary is found. Written within is the tale of her mother’s concealed relationship with a Japanese man before she married her father. Learning about her mother’s hidden past and her secret love, Mika is going to be made sport of by fate influencing two generations of her mother and herself.


Image:Wankei-Yukie Nakama1.jpg|90px}}Image:Wankei-Yukie Nakama2.jpg|90px}}Image:Wankei-Soko Wada.jpg|90px}}Image:Wankei-Ryuta Sato.jpg|90px}}Image:Wankei-Eriko Sato.jpg|90px}}
Yukie NakamaYukie NakamaSoko WadaRyuta SatoEriko Sato
Mika KimotoWoo-ri KimRyosuke WadaYoshio HayaseMari Yamane

Additional Cast Members: