Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo 2012

  • Drama: Flat Out Tokyo Girl (English title)
  • Romaji: Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo
  • Japanese: 東京全力少女
  • Director: Mitsuru KubotaMakoto NaganumaTakeo Kakinuma
  • Writer: Kazuhiko Ban
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes: 11
  • Release Date: October 10 – December, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. 22:00
  • Genre: Comedy
  • TV Ratings: 7.7% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

After learning her father is alive and living in Tokyo, Urara Saeki (Emi Takei) travels to Tokyo from her hometown of Kotohira in Kagawa Prefecture. As soon as she arrives in Tokyo, Urara discovers that she has lost all of her money (¥621,000). She met a guy named Daisuke Tamagawa (Shohei Miura) on the overnight buss to Tokyo, but doubts that he could have taken her money. Not knowing what to do now, Urara wonders around and meets a sweet woman named Hanako Serizawa (Manami Higa) at a flea market. Hanako introduces an odd man to Urara. The odd man gives Urara ¥20,000 and tells her “I want these pants”. The odd man is Urara’s father who she hasn’t seen in 15 years.

What turned out as a coincidence turns into fate, as Urara is determined to learn more about her father. Urara quickly notices that her father is being preyed upon by several single women. Urara then decides to movie in with her, even though he encourages her to go back to Kotohira. Urara is now set on making sure her father is not being taken advantage of.


Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Emi Takei.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Shohei Miura.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Manami Higa.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Yui Ichikawa.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Kanna Mori.jpg
Emi Takei Shohei Miura Manami Higa Yui Ichikawa Kanna Moriya
Urara Saeki Daisuke Tamagawa Hanako Serizawa Fuu Okuno Haruka Kubo
Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Ryuji Aoki.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Asuka Shibuya.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Kunito Watanabe.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo- Yumi Lowrance.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Rena Shimura.jpg
Ryuji Aoki Asuka Shibuya Kunito Watanabe Yumi Laurence Rena Shimura
Koji Shimoyama Yukari Yamamoto Henry Johanna Mika Tamagawa
Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Risa Naito.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Keiko Horiuchi.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Yoichi Nukumizu.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Takashi Tsukamoto.jpg Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Atsuro Watabe.jpg
Risa Naito Keiko Horiuchi Yoichi Nukumizu Takashi Tsukamoto Atsuro Watabe
Yoko Kawabe Sayuri Saeki Jusuke Tamagawa Koichi Sakurai Takuya Suzuki
Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo-Ayane Sakai.jpg
Ayane Sakai
Hitomi Sakurai

Additional Cast Members:



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