Too Young to die BRRIP 720p X265

  • Movie: Too Young To Die!
  • Romaji: Too Young To Die! Wakakushite Shinu
  • Japanese: TOO YOUNG TO DIE! 若くして死ぬ
  • Director: Kankuro Kudo
  • Writer: Kankuro Kudo
  • Producer: Mitsuru Uda, Makiko Nagasaka, Hisashi Usui
  • Cinematographer: Daiske Soma
  • Release Date: June 25, 2016
  • Runtime: 125 min.
  • Genre: Comedy / Fantasy
  • Distributor: Toho / Asmik Ace Entertainment
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


High school student Daisuke (Ryunosuke Kamiki) has a crush on classmate Hiromi. On the way to a school trip, the bus with Daisuke has an accident. When Daisuke wakes up, he finds himself in Hell. He asks himself “Why only me? I’m too you young to die and I’ve never experienced a kiss.” Then, Killer K (Tomoya Nagase) appears in front of the confused Daisuke. Killer K leads the rock band Heruzu from Hell Agricultural High School. To return to the living and confess his feelings to Hiromi, Daisuke’s hell rounds begin under Killer K’s special training.


  1. Filming began mid-May, 2015 in Tokyo and finishes sometime during summer, 2015.


Too Young To Die-01-Tomoya Nagase .jpg Too Young To Die-02-Ryunosuke Kamiki.jpg Too Young To Die-03-Kenta Kiritani.jpg Too Young To Die-04-Nana Seino.jpg Too Young To Die-05-Aoi Morikawa.jpg
Tomoya Nagase Ryunosuke Kamiki Kenta Kiritani Nana Seino Aoi Morikawa
Killer K Daisuke Cozy Jako Hiromi Tezuka
Too Young To Die-06-Machiko Ono.jpg Too Young To Die-07-Rie Miyazawa.jpg Too Young To Die-08-Arata Furuta.jpg Too Young To Die-09-Sarutoki Minagawa.jpg Too Young To Die-10-Shishido Kavka.jpg
Machiko Ono Rie Miyazawa Arata Furuta Sarutoki Minagawa Kavka Shishido
Naomi Hiromi Tezuka (adult) Principal Enma Junko Asura
Too Young To Die-11-Kiyoshi Manii.jpg Too Young To Die-12-Kanji Furutachi.jpg
Kiyoshi Manii Kanji Furutachi
Oni Hime Matsuura

Additional Cast Members: