Tsubasa – NHK Asadora 2009

  • Drama: Tsubasa
  • Romaji: Tsubasa
  • Japanese: つばさ
  • Director: Shinichi Nishitani
  • Writer: Masashi Todayama
  • Network: NHK
  • Episodes: 156
  • Release Date: March 30 – September 26, 2009
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 07:30-07:45 (15 min.)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


A story about a 20-year-old girl, Tsubasa, who dedicates her life to helping her family and their traditional confectionary store. But her peaceful life is turned upside down when her missing mother returns home. She starts to work at a small radio station to repay her mother’s debt but in a strange twist of fate, she becomes a DJ. –Tsubasa’s missing mother, Kanoko, suddenly returns home on the eve of an important festival and drags the family into her trouble over her debt while Tsubasa is out to see her old friend, Shota.


  1. “Tsubasa” is the 80th NHK Asadora.



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