Two Weeks – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETED]

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Daichi (Haruma Miura) served time in prison for attempted murder. After his release from prison, he spends his time doing nothing and he doesn’t see any hope for himself. One day, Daichi hears that a woman, whom he once loved, had a daughter Hana that was his. Hana is now 8-years-old and has leukemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant surgery or she will die. Daichi goes to the hospital where Hana is staying and meets her for the first time. Daichi takes a blood test and learns that he is match with Hana. A bone marrow transplant surgery is scheduled to take place in two weeks, but a conspiracy causes Daichi to get arrested for a murder.


  1. “Two Weeks” takes over Fuji TV‘s Tuesday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “Perfect World” and followed by “He Who Can’t Marry Season 2” on October 8, 2019.
  2. Remake of 2013 MBC drama series “Two Weeks.”
  3. Related titles:
    1. Two Weeks (MBC / 2013)
    2. Two Weeks (Fuji TV-KTV / 2019)


Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Haruma Miura.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Kyoko Yoshine.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Manami Higa.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Takahiro Miura.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Kurumi Inagaki.jpg
Haruma Miura Kyoko Yoshine Manami Higa Takahiro Miura Kurumi Inagaki
Daichi Yuki Kaede Tsukishima Sumire Aoyagi Hirotada Arima Hana Aoyagi
Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Koen Kondo.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Jin Suzuki.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Akihiro Kimura.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Hayato Isomura.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Sachie Hara.jpg
Koen Kondo Jin Suzuki Akihiro Kimura Hayato Isomura Sachie Hara
Tomokazu Tsunoda Daiki Inui Shigeru Katsuragi Haitani Natsumi Koike
Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Tetsuhiro Ikeda.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Masanobu Takashima.jpg Two Weeks (Japanese Drama)-Hitomi Kuroki.jpg
Tetsuhiro Ikeda Masanobu Takashima Hitomi Kuroki
Tamotsu Kuruwa Kaname Shigesaki Sahoko Kuga

Additional Cast Members:


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